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  C&C3 Summary - Rumors
  Posted by: JohnWE on 01-05-2007 @ 22:34 - Source: farfeild4
This News Item has been viewed 7,215 times
Farfield4, one of our guys around here has compiled this list from sites around and many different places of info on our new favorite game, Command & Conquer 3! Give it a read, and this may tide you over till I am able to reveal the true information beyond your wildest dreams!

Global Defense Initiative
The Global Defense Initiative's internal structure and organization is quite similar to a supranational and large-scale integration of all of the world's major modern day conventional armies into a single globalized military force. GDI is capable of instantly deploying vast quantities of well trained and well equipped soldiers across the world which are backed by powerful ground, air and naval assets to overwhelm the enemy in direct frontal assaults, and this in ways that are considerably more organized, advanced as well as on a much greater scale than any conventional real-life military force of today possibly could. Global Defense Initiative troops utilize both superior staying power and firepower (sacrificing some mobility in the process), making them typically much more powerful than Nod forces in direct open confrontations but also more cumbersome and less flexible, the exploitation of which the Brotherhood is notoriously adept at through its combinations of futuristi!
c guerilla warfare with uniquely advanced Tiberium-based technological prowess.
GDI Rifleman Squad
GDI Grenadier
GDI Missile Squad
GDI Engineer
GDI Medic
GDI Zone Trooper (Heavily armed and armored infantry power suit trooper based on the refinement and advancement of both the earlier Wolverine and Jumpjet suit construction technologies. Immune to the effects of Tiberium and has short range jumpjet capability. Can be upgraded to wield infantry-sized rail gun weapons.)
GDI Commando
GDI Sniper
Ground Units
GDI Mobile Construction Vehicle (Deploys into a construction yard that allows the construction of buildings and thus bases.)
GDI Tiberium Harvester (Vehicle used to collect Tiberium in order to gain recourses.)
GDI Pitbull (Lightly armored scouting and anti-infantry vehicle. Can be upgraded to wield mortar cannons.)
GDI Predator Tank (Mainstay GDI tank division vehicle. Can be upgraded to include missile launchers on a side mount which are effective against infantry and airborn units.)
GDI Guardian APC (Land-based troop carrier.)
GDI Mammoth Tank Mk III (Upgraded and modernized design of the original Mammoth Mk I tank which incorporates technology of the infamous Mammoth Mk II. Heavily armed and armored superior tank vehicle equipped with dual 150mm cannons and dual rocket pods effective against both infantry and aircraft. An onboard engineer will slowly repair up to 50% of the tank's health. Can be upgraded to be mounted with dual rail guns.)
GDI Juggernaut Mk III Artillery (Large bipedal mech walker armed with three howitzers for heavy long-range sieges.)
GDI Rig (Vehicle that can deploy into a landing and repair pad to act as a forward support outpost.)
GDI Orca Gunship (Mainstay of the GDI airforces. Has onboard detection against cloaked units.)
GDI Firehawk Jet (Dual air-to-air fighter aircraft/bomber).
GDI V35 Ox Transporter
Naval Units (Available in single player games only.)
GDI Aircraft Carrier
GDI Battleship
GDI Construction Yard
GDI Power Plant (Can each be upgraded separately with advanced turbine technology to produce 50% more energy.)
GDI Refinery
GDI Tiberium Silo (Stores Tiberium when the refinery has reached maximum capacity. If destroyed the contained Tiberium is lost as well, causing the player to lose the funds.)
GDI Barracks
GDI Watchtower (Originally a component tower with vulcan upgrade as seen in a preview screenshot in PC Gamer issue 149, but this design seems to have been replaced with a minigun tower as seen in a more recent issue of the German GameStar magazine.)
GDI War Factory
GDI Radar Center
GDI Airfield
GDI Tech Center (Upgrade center for vehicles.)
GDI Arsenal (Upgrade center for infantry units.)
GDI Command Post
GDI Rocket Uplink
GDI Ion Cannon Uplink

Brotherhood of Nod
The Brotherhood of Nod is a mysterious, enigmatic and highly militant Abrahamic cult of an allegedly ancient origin, which in modern times began to represent a globalized terrorist society/organization which is essentially showing the combined characteristics of a religious movement, a multinational corporation and a nation-state, while actually being none of the three in itself. Led by a mysterious man known only as Kane, its influence in the world has reached nothing short of the status of an unconventional superpower at the advent of the events in which Command & Conquer 3 will take place. The Brotherhood of Nod deploys a mixture of cheap and expendable units (such as the hordes of militants recruited from the desolate yellow zones) alongside cores of cult-like inner circles which are very sophisticated and high-tech. Nod represents a flexible and elusive army which thrives on the synergy between cunning low-tech guerilla warfare and elite, highly-trained soldiers equippe!
d with state of the art communications gear and the most advanced weapon systems available, all of which is derived from the Brotherhood's uniquely adept understanding of Tiberium-based technologies. Nod's tactics are highly radical and appear more cruel than GDI's, often showing little regard for human life, and their fascination with Tiberium also leads them to use this highly toxic and dangerous substance offensively whenever possible. Nod forces are completely dedicated to Kane and the Brotherhood's cause.
Nod Militant (Cheap cannon fodder recruited from yellow zones.)
Nod Fanatic (During a trailer an Orca pilot can be heard reporting that 'Nod Fanatics' are firing upon them from within an abandoned building, suggesting fanatics will be armed with rocket-propelled grenade launchers or anti-air/anti-armour missile launchers.)
Nod Rifle Infantry
Nod Militant Rocket Squad
Nod Shadow (Glider-equipped shock troops.)
Nod Black Hand Commando (Elite soldiers armed with flamethrowers. Can be changed to different types of weapons through upgrades.)
Nod Saboteur (Technicians similiar to the ones featured in Tiberian Sun and Firestorm. Will also have a more effective weapon than its previous incarnations.)
Ground Units
Nod Tiberium Harvester (Vehicle used to collect Tiberium in order to gain resources.)
Nod Raider Buggy
Nod Attack Bike
Nod Scorpion Tank
Nod Flame Tank
Nod Stealth Tank
Nod Beam Cannon Artillery
Nod Avatar Warmech (Heavily armored and extremely advanced bipedal mech walker. Can forcefully 'procure' weapon systems from other units and integrate them into its own to greatly enhance its firepower. However, it can only use technology that the Nod side possesses, captured or normal.)
Nod Venom Scout Aircraft
Nod Vertigo Bomber (Advanced design of the earlier Nod Banshee aircraft. Has the ability to cloak.)
Nod VTOL Carryall (Fast troop transport.)
Nod Construction Yard
Nod Tiberium Refinery
Nod Silo
Hand of Nod (Nod barracks.)
Nod Radar Center
Nod Airfield
Nod Drop Zone (Nod's counterpart to GDI's War Factory.)
Obelisk of Light (Highly advanced and very powerful laser-based ground defense.)
Nod Operations Center (Similar to GDI's Tech Center.)
Nod Arsenal (Similar to GDI's Arsenal structure.)
There are several other Nod buildings seen in recent gameplay movies that are yet to be named and/or the purpose of which is yet to be specified. Additional details on units and structures for the two sides are to be revealed at a later time according to EA's community manager.

Other familiar units have been confirmed to make a return, although Electronic Arts has disclosed little information about which units those may be. It has been suggested by the game developers that certain units can cause Ion Storms and otherwise be able to interact significantly with Tiberium on the battlefield. The Brotherhood of Nod and the currently unknown third faction will also feature units that will be enhanced by the presence of Ion storms over the battlefield. Conversely, GDI's units will likely be hindered by these storms.

Third side possibilities
Once the player has completed both the GDI and Nod campaigns, they will be able to play a third mystery faction. Some possibilities for the third side are as follows:
First seen in an internal EALA monitor and leaked by a visitor of the official BFME Community summit, this image is named 'Scrin Primal' by the developers of the C&C Franchise
The Scrin: Appearing for the first time in Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun in the form of a huge alien ship which is stolen and crashed by a rogue Nod commander after being taken out of a Nod bunker and later (although earlier by game chronology) in Command & Conquer: Renegade as a crashed flying saucer, (Also in Command and Conquer in the form of an alien object in final GDI mission) not much is known about these beings, except that they are somehow connected to CABAL, Kane, Tiberium and its origin and distribution. Scrin technology is used in the Nod Banshee. Further evidence that this side is the third playable faction comes from the short teaser at the end of the E3 demo, in which the camera pans out to show a ravaged Earth from space, and the narrator says "And then, they came". Also, the EA website notes, "Red Zones are like the surface of an Alien planet." Though potentially just a coincidence, this directly relates the possibility. Above in the mention of an "Al!
ien" world, the word Alien is capitalized, meaning either a simple typographical error or implying ownership to a particular party (The Aliens).
The Forgotten: Appearing for the first time in C&C history in Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun, the Forgotten have been an integral part of the entire Tiberian storyline. The Forgotten were led by Tratos, until he was killed. Other major characters include Umagon (Dies from divination, as previously mentioned), Ghost Stalker and the Mutant Hijacker. In Tiberian Sun's expansion, Firestorm, the leader of The Forgotten was murdered by CABAL. The fate of the other two major Forgotten characters remains unknown. They are more probable than the Scrin in the sense that they had an army (though it was cobbled together from technology from different factions, antique technology and Tiberium-based biological weapons) in Tiberian Sun.
CABAL (Computer Assisted Biologically Augmented Lifeform): Appearing in Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun and its expansion-Firestorm, CABAL is Nod's AI in charge of Cybernetic Development and Tiberium Evolution. After going rogue in Tiberian Sun's expansion, Firestorm, it has become known that CABAL is somehow connected to Nod's leader, Kane. The origin of these connections is unknown. The fate of CABAL after Firestorm is unknown. This is the most probable of all factions as concept art is already drawn for this and CABAL was made into a main army with unique units in Tiberian Sun. CABAL's army may contain solely of cyborg-based troops and tanks.
Or, even possibly an entirely new faction. According to PC Gamer, and according to pictures, it appears that there could be new units unknown to any speculation.
some more facts

The return of full motion videos, after being notably absent in Command & Conquer: Renegade and Command & Conquer: Generals. [1]
The return of resource harvesting and Mobile Construction Vehicles.
Frank Klepacki, the game music composer for all Command & Conquer games except Generals, will not be composing the music for Command & Conquer 3. Klepacki is currently a full-time employee at Petroglyph, and both himself as the EA Community Manager have stated that he is not on the game's development team nor has he been asked to join [2]. EA's community manager has however stated that the team is aware of fans' concerns, that EA's audio team has been studying Klepacki's music from the past ten years, and that "fans will not be disappointed".
Command & Conquer 3 will use the pre-Generals right sidebar interface, as revealed in an interview on IGN at this link: "It's also worth mentioning the return of the side-bar interface: Our in-game UI for C&C3 is a side-bar that will feel familiar to C&C players but it has some added features that make it more useful - and make it feel interesting and new. We are combining the centralized production queues in the classic C&C side-bar with contextual space for selected units and structures. The new UI lets you quickly build units and structures, easily control grouped units, and access your build queues anywhere on the map - even in the middle of a battle. But you can still get lots of information about your selected units and activate their special abilities - which are pretty much expected in the latest generation RTS games. We think our interface for C&C3 is the best of both worlds."
The development team, with help from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has devised information to see how Tiberium would work in real-world science.
AI will be improved and campaigns will be more immersive.
A brand new version of SAGE (Strategy Action Game Engine) will be used. SAGE technology was used to power the RTS series Generals, so it stands to reason that most of the SAGE benifits (zooming in and out of specific areas on the map, 360 degree roation of the map, etc) will be present in C&C3.
Multiplayer will feature VoIP support.
There is a high chance the game will eventually be released for the Xbox 360, with Louis Castle stating "and I know for a fact that they [the developers of Battle For Middle Earth 2 on 360] are doing this because these are the same guys, the same team, who's doing Command & Conquer 3 and they're definitely going to release it for the 360, you heard it here. And so what they are doing is they are really using Battle for Middle-earth II to sort of use it as a spring board to test, to see, how it is going to work for Command & Conquer 3, so they are trying to almost use this BFMEII as a beta; a very good beta."
EA is planning several fan summits for previews, feedback and discussions.
The game will not be featuring the famous dramatic installation procedures of its predecessors in the series, and will be given a generic installation sequence.[2]
The announced possibility of there being significant differences in game-play when playing within different types of 'Zones' is no longer being considered by the development team. [3]

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