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  Renegade GDI Units
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GDI Infantry and Vehicles

GDI Soldier

This is one of four basic infantry for GDI. The cool thing about basic infantry is that if the barracks is destroyed you can still buy basic infantry. This character is good when youíre trying to gain credits and donít want to waste credits on other infantry. This character has three weapons: A pistol, automatic rifle, and 1 timed C4. This basic character is not really strong against vehicles, but can be good against engineers and flamethrower if out of range of the flame.

GDI ShotGun

This is the second of the GDI basic infantry. This character is good against attacking other infantry, because it takes away more damage then GDI soldier. The weakness too this character is that it shoots short range and itís hard to hit objects further away. This character has three weapons: A pistol, shotgun, and 1 timed C4. The character is very good against other infantry, but is weak against infantry that can shoot long distances.

GDI Grendier

This is third of the GDI basic infantry. This character is good against vehicles. The problem with the GDI grenadier is that you need to have good accuracy to hit vehicles. It is really hard to hit infantry with this character and I wouldnít recommend trying to take on infantry with the grenadier. In some maps this character comes in handy because you can hit buildings and earn points and credits very quickly. This character had three weapons: A pistol, grenade launcher, and 1 timed C4. Overall this character had major strengths and weaknesses.

GDI Engineer

This is final of the basic infantry. This character is a little different from all the rest. This character has a lot of strengths and weaknesses. The strengths that this character has are that it can repair vehicles, building, infantry, and disarm ion/nuclear beacons. This character is also really good against building. Engineers have two type of C4, timed and remote. The remote C4 can be thrown on building or vehicles for great damage, but can also destroy building if thrown on the Mater Control Terminal, the heart of the building. The weakness that engineers have against other infantry is that it is pretty weak, because all it has is a basic pistol. This character has many weapons that include: A pistol, repair gun, 1 timed C4, and 2 remote C4. This character is defiantly one of the best characters for earning points and credits by healing units.

GDI Officer

This character is good for tearing up infantry for a very low cost. The GDI officer is perfect for in the beginning of games when everyone comes out with basic infantry you can rack up some easy kills with the GDI chain gun. This character is also good against vehicles with weak armor. This character has three weapons: A pistol, chain gun, and 1 timed C4.

GDI Rocket Launcher

This character is a basically a cheaper version of the GDI gunner. This character is good against vehicles and building if theyíre in the range of the rocket launcher. You can rack up some easy credits on some maps if you can buy this character and rush the other base and shoot up a building. The weakness to this character is that its weak again other infantry at far away distances. It doesnít have a lot range for that sort of battle. This character also has three weapons: A pistol, rocker launcher, and 1 timed C4. Overall this character is decent but not as good as gunner.


This character is sort of a flat character. Itís alright against everything. Itís a lot better on infantry than anything. I wouldnít recommend attacking a vehicle with this character because it will do very little damage. This character weapons are: A pistol, tiberium auto rifle, and 1 timed C4.


This one of my most favorite characters. This character can do a lot of damage on infantry and helicopters for the price you pay for it. This character is perfect for improving you kill/death ratio. This character has a weapon called the sniper rifle. This weapon gives you the ability to zoom in and out while trying to pick off infantry who least suspect it. Like any other weapon you take away more damage if you shoot your opponent in the head. With this character if you shoot your opponent in the head they will die. This character has an advantage to the GDI havoc because with havoc people can see where your bullets are coming from, but with the 500 snipers they have no clue where theyíre being shot. This character has 3 weapons: A pistol, sniper rifle, and 1 timed C4. Overall this character is great on infantry.


The gunner is a better version of the GDI rocket launcher. This character is a lot stronger than the cheaper GDI rocket launcher. This character is great against vehicles and if the buildings are in range its good against those to. The character has some weaknesses though. For one, itís hard to hit infantry at a far away distance. If used right though itís good against infantry that are in close range. This character has three weapons: A pistol, improved rocket launcher, and 1 timed C4.


This is also sort of a step up from the GDI character Sydney. This character is mostly really good against weaker infantry. This character really isnít that strong against vehicles. For the price you pay for this character in the end itís not worth what it costs. This character has 3 weapons: A pistol, Tiberium Flechette Gun, and 1 timed C4. Overall this character is just good against infantry.


This character is a stronger version of the GDI Deadeye. This character is the close to the best for taking care of infantry and helicopters. This character is also a sniper. Havoc can kill basic infantry with one shot and can kill any other infantry with two shots. The weakness to this character though is that when he shoots you can see where the bullets are coming from. So even if you donít kill the opponent he will know where you are and come for you. This character has three weapons: A pistol, ramjet rifle, and 1 timed C4.

Assault Suit Sydney

If I were you I would not drive a vehicle around this character. This infantry is the best against vehicles on GDI. Sydney can also be good against infantry if you accurate with her. The one thing that is also bad about Sydney is that you can only shoot one beam and then you have to reload, which takes a pretty long time. This character has three weapons: A pistol, personal ion cannon, and 1 timed C4.


This character is great against infantry. This is one of the most expensive characters, but is good for what its worth. For one Mobius is good against infantry and pretty strong against vehicles. The one weakness of this character though is that its volt beam can only reach a certain distance. This character has three weapons: A pistol, volt auto rifle, and 1 timed C4.


This character is a better version of an engineer. This is the only character that has enough C4 to destroy a building if placed on the Master Control Terminal. Like the engineer though all this character has is a lot of C4. It doesnít really have a lot of guns or anything. This character also has a different type of C4 called proximity C4. This is C4 that you can lay on the ground and if people run into it they will lose health or die. This C4 comes in handy when you donít want people entering you building easily without taking any damage. Hotwire also has repair gun that is a lot stronger than an engineers repair gun, and just heal vehicles, infantry, ion/nuclear, and buildings quicker. This character has many weapons: A pistol, 2 time C4, 2 remote C4, six proximity C4, and an upgraded repair gun.

GDI Vehicles


The GDI humvee is a vehicle with very weak armor, but very quick speed. This vehicle is perfect for quickly rushing into enemy base at the beginning of the game, and taking out a building with two engineers. I do not recommend doing this strategy in a map with base defenses, because you will quickly be shot and killed. This vehicle is strong against infantry except Raveshaws and Mobius, and it is also stronger then the Nod Buggy. The vehicle has a rotating machine gun.


The GDI APC has very strong armor perfect for rushing bases with base defenses, or with out base defenses. This vehicle can transport up to 3 people at one time besides the driver. This vehicle is great for taking lots of hotwires and engineers and hitting a building with C4. This vehicle has somewhat of a weak gun. It does have good speed, which helps when avoiding tanks shells. Overall this is good vehicle is very good, and essential in attacking bases with a base defense.

Mobile Rocket Launcher

The Mobile Rocker Launcher is real strong against vehicles and buildings. This vehicle has a lot of weaknesses though. For one, when youíre going up against other vehicles you must have good accuracy because its hard to hit you opponent with the rockets. Also the mobility of this vehicle is very slow, and if infantry is close is enough it will tear you up. This vehicle is best for shooting buildings at a far away distance. I wouldnít recommend trying too much other than hitting buildings. The weapon on this vehicle is a long-range missile launcher that fires on packs of six.

Medium Tank

The medium tank is one of the strongest vehicles on GDI. This vehicle is real strong against just about everything except raveshaws. This vehicle has speed, but its handling is pretty slow and the vehicle in general is pretty slow. This vehicle has way more speed then the GDI mammoth tank. This tank also has pretty good range. The armor on the medium tank is good. This tank shoots normal shells and does have some recoil.

Mammoth Tank

This is the most expensive vehicle on GDI. This vehicle had the most armor out of any vehicle in the game. It also heals by itself when shot. The shells on the tank are also pretty strong. The weakness to this vehicle is that its very slow and when going up against faster vehicles it may have trouble. This tank had dual cannons that have rapid fire. This vehicle is good against buildings, vehicles, and buildings.

GDI Harvester

This vehicle is not driven by anyone. This vehicle is very vital to your team. It drives out to tiberium and collects it. Then it returns to base, and you gain credits. You might want to protect this vehicle because if itís destroyed your team wonít acquire credits as fast. Also you can attack other peopleís harvester for credits, and at the same time make it slower for your opponents to gain credits.

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