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  GDI Side Information
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Rifle Squad:
A group of 8 rifle infantry. Good against Infantry and slightly decent against buildings. The standard unit.

Rocket Squad:
Two Rocket Soldiers with, well, rockets! Good for anti-air and anti-tank as well.

My favorite unit already. Captures enemy structures, instantly heals your own structures on the other side. After one of these actions, the engineer is gone for those who haven't played a REAL C&C game. Engineers have a new use this game. They can take over dead Annihilator Tripods, Avatar Mechs, or Juggernauts. After one of those is destroyed, get an engineer in quickly and you'll have yourself a cool mech to play with!

Grenadier Squad:
5 or 6 Disk-Thrower troops. These guys are decently effective against infantry, decent against vehicles and pretty good against buildings too! I can see these units being good for some early rushes. Their disk grenades will bounce along the ground if they don't hit anything in their first airtime. In addition, you can clear garrisoned buildings with one volley from these guys. Probably one of GDI's best troops.

Sniper Team:
A sniper and a spotter. The spotter can call in an artillery strike from any of your Juggernauts on the map to a smallish radius around him. I was afraid that the barrage would kill him, so I put it at the edge of his radius, and it neither damaged him nor the building that it was next to. So the Juggernaut strikes seem to be 100% precise, and take that into effect when you use these guys. In addition, the sniper part of this combo is not surprisingly effective against infantry. Just be careful when they rush you with a squad or two of rifle infantry. It is more suited to taking out a few low-numbered squads than handling the large member Militant Squads.

Zone Trooper:
The replacement for the Jump Jet Infantry, the Zone Troopers are a welcome upgrade. Their squads are about 5 in strength and they are armed with powerful anti-infantry and anti-vehicles weapons. They can be upgraded with Railguns, which significantly increases their damage against everything! A few squads of these infantry can take out a Nod base before they can react! Counter them with some air unit, I would suggest Nod's Venom. Now not only do they have immense damage capabilities, but they can handle the terrain too. The Zone Troopers can use their jet packs for short speedy mobility around the battlefield including up and down cliffs, across rivers and the like. Oh, these guys aren't crushable either. A few squads of these in the late game could turn the tide of the battle if used properly.

Commando :
GDI's hero unit, this does terrible damage against infantry. I didn't get a chance to see it in action against vehicles, but against buildings it uses C4. This blows up any building (including a Construction Yard) in only 1 bomb in only 2 seconds. All you have to do is get him to the target and keep him alive. Next up, your victory!


A replacement for the Humvee and Wolverine, somewhat. It is a smallish jeep with an anti-armor or AA missile launcher. It isn't very effective against infantry, and only moderately against buildings, but it is fast, and that's pretty nice. In the late game, they can be upgraded with Mortars. This makes them a very fun unit! Not only do they move fast, but they can do significant damage against buildings and outrange base defenses! Similar to the GLA Rocket Buggies, these make for nasty anti-building pests.

Predator Tank:
GDI's Medium tank. They can run over infantry and do medium damage to vehicles and buildings. Nothing too special about them, but just like the regular tanks, they are good all-around units.

The APC makes a return for GDI! This time it is a fast wheeled vehicles with the ability to carry two squads. The squads can fire out of fireports too, making this somewhat like a Battle Fortress. With speed, a machine gun on top, and the ability to put troops quickly where they are needed, this is quite the useful unit. I was not able to test its effectiveness against the Nod base defenses unfortunately.

GDI's money making machine. It is visible to everyone, but its special ability is that it has a gun on top. They weren't done with the effects for it yet, but it seemed useful against infantry and anything that was unwise enough to try to steal the ore.

Build one of these for an extra building construction building. Mobile Construction Vehicles will drive to the site without any defenses, deploy and then you can build off of them and with them. GDI's MCVs have wheels.

The Rig is an interesting unit. Drive it out to the battlefield and you can deploy it most anywhere. When deployed, it acts as a mobile defense platform, holding two of each AA, Anti Inf, and Anti Armor defenses. It can also repair vehicles in this mode. And of course, you can redeploy it and move it elsewhere to where you need to bring the sting.

Mammoth Tank:
The Mammoth Tank has returned for its 5th appearance! TD, RA1, TS, Renegade and now C&C3. It is back to a more typical tank platform for greatly increased mobility. It has the obligatory two barrels, and four treads that a Mammoth tank should. In our tests this seemed to be the weakest of the three late game powerhouses, but time will tell. You can upgrade the Mammoth Tank with Railguns, increasing the damage output quite a bit!

The Firestorm artillery is back! This time it's more powerful than ever, and is able to fire without being deployed. The Juggernaut is a walking artillery platform. It can vastly outrange every other unit in the game, not to mention its "targeted fire" ability. (See the Sniper above) Good against buildings and infantry, I didn't get to test it against vehicles. Be careful when you lose one of these though; the enemy can take it over by sending an engineer into it!


The favorite flying vehicle of every C&C fan is back! These fire a barrage of anti-armor missiles which are quite effective against, well, armor. In my experience, these provided the best way to destroy Avatar Mechs. I do not know if they can attack the air. These flying vehicles can be upgraded with Sensor Pod Upgrades, allowing them to detect stealth in a radius around themselves every amount of time.

Fire Hawk:
GDI has a bomber now that is slightly different than before. It moves quickly (and even more quickly with the Stratofighter upgrade) to attack ground targets. It unleashes a large blast somewhat like the Alpha Aurora's, so is effective against all ground targets!


Construction Yard:
This building constructs all structures for GDI! It can be re-deployed into an MCV if you wish to move it away.

Power Plant:
This building provides your base with 10 power, unless it is upgraded with Advanced Turbines, in which case it provides 20!

Tiberium Refinery:
This building is where your harvesters bring the Tiberium to unload it and turn it into cash for you to use! It comes with one Harvester to get you going.

All GDI infantry are trained here. You can build infantry simultaneously out of more than one Barracks.

War Factory:
All GDI ground Vehicles are built here. For each War Factory you have, you can produce that many vehicles at once.

This provides terrain, units, structures to be shown on the radar display. Also, certain powers are unlocked from this building.

This building can reinforce GDI infantry to full strength and provides some nice upgrades for them.

Landing Pad:
All GDI Air units are built here. Each Landing Pad can hold 4 aircraft at once.

Tech Center:
Access to even more cool upgrades and advanced units including the Zone Trooper and Mammoth Tank.

Space Command Uplink :
Yet more upgrades for you, I think. More importantly, you can access a few more of your Powers.

A building which constructs other buildings. In fact, you can construct every building except another crane with it. It allows an additional building to be built at once.


Watch Tower
Anti-Infantry Defense. To me it looks almost like the Nod defense laser from TS, just different colors. But, it is effective against infantry for sure!

Golum Cannon
The anti-vehicle defense of GDI. Again, one sole post of destruction.

AA Battery.
An anti-air battery. I never got to test this out, so I am unsure as to if it shoots missiles or bullets.

Wall Hub:
A hub for walls! Walls are built similarly as they were in RA2, with one corner stone for $100, then the next $100 buys you an entire wall.

Tiberium Silo:
You can only store so many credits worth of Tiberium in your Refineries at a given time. To increase the amount of total cash available to you, simply build some Tiberium Silos!

Sonic Emitter:
GDI's advanced anti-ground base defense. Capable of handling the most powerful of enemy units. I am not sure if the sonic beam damages everything in its path or not.

Ion Cannon
The uplink for the Ion Cannon Satellite. It's GDI's superweapon. Every amount of time, you can unleash the space based power which will destroy most any structure or group of structures you target it on.

A Vehicle (yes, a vehicle) built from the CY. It drives most anywhere on the map, deploys and then you've got a place in which to build base buildings! Good for expanding to more Tiberium patches and the like.

Superweapons / Powers:
Radar Scan:
Reveals a bit of the map and all stealth units in its moderate radius.

GDI Airborne :
A few veteran infantry squads are conveyed to the target. I don't know which, as I didn't use this power.

Blood Hounds :
Two APCs and Three Pitbulls, all veteran are dropshipped into your target.

Sharpshooter Team :
I didn't use this ability, but I would think it is 2 sniper teams dropshipped to the target.

Orca Strike :
4 or 5 Orcas make a quick pass and unleash a barrage of missiles on the target zone.

Zone Trooper Drop Pod :
Veteran Zone Troopers dropped in!

Shockwave Artillery :
Off-map artillery bombard the target area for massive damage

Ion Cannon :
Free once you build the uplink, a narrow beam of energy capable of destroying several closely placed buildings.


Advanced Turbines Upgrade :
Your Power Plant now has double the power output! This is a per-power plant upgrade.

Sensor Pod Upgrade :
Your Orcas have a special ability to use a 'reveal stealth unit' scan at their location.

Stratofighter :
From the Tech Center you can upgrade your Fire hawk bombers with a great speed increase.

Railgun Upgrade :
Also from the tech center, your Mammoth Tanks will have railguns instead of their cannons.

Mortar Upgrade :
From the Tech Center, the Pitbull gets a mortar to fire in addition to the rocket.

Auto Injectors :
From the Armory, your Zone Troopers have a longer range with their jump-packs.

Scanner Packs :
From the Armory, your Infantry can detect stealth (I think)

Composite Armor Upgrade :
Also from the Armory, your infantry have more armor, and thusly, don't get killed as quickly.

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