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  Alien Side Information
This Page has been viewed 15,543 times
Here is what I have of the Alien side. I didn't play enough with them, and their units were so varied, I only remember some of them. BUT, I will update this info in the next few days with all the info.


A swarm of living or perhaps mechanical creatures. It is quite effective against infantry; by swirling around it can rip infantry to shreds. These creatures can be destroyed, yes. I'm not sure how it would happen, but perhaps they disintigrate after a certain amount of hits. These guys can be attached to many of the alien vehicles which gives the vehicles additional protection against infantry.

Razor Drones:
The standard 2 rocket soldier squad, good against armor and air targets.

The Engineer is a defenseless infantry unit. It will heal your damaged structures to full health instantly, or even better, capture enemy buildings for your own use! They can take over fallen Annihilator Tripods, Avatar Mechs, or Juggernauts. After one of those is destroyed, get an engineer in quickly and you'll have yourself a cool mech to play with! Now the Alien's Engineer is a little bit better than the other sides'. It is cloaked when standing still! So you can lay in wait and hit the buildings when they're least expecting it.

Shock Trooper:
A squad of around 5 alien 'things' They are good against vehicles and infantry alike, maybe even buildings. They can be upgraded to do extra damage. I think they can't be run over either. I found these were useful against enemy vehicles. They took out the vehicles so quickly the enemy couldn't take them down fast enough to survive. Counter these guys with some air units.

The alien Hero unit. In my experience, it killed infantry very quickly. It has a special ability that wasn't working when we tested it, but it will be able to teleport units across the map. The Mastermind must "charge up" his ability by grabbing a few Tiberium crystals. So first you target him on the Tiberium, then you can use his teleport once, then you must get some more Tiberium.


Seeker Tank:
oops, I forgot what this did

Gun Walker:
And this one too.

The alien harvester is defenseless as well. It appears to be a flying unit, but land units could attack it. This is going to be resolved, and I hope that it will become a flying unit.

The alien MCV is like the other teams, except it floats. I am not sure if it is a land or an air unit, but it appears to be an air unit. It deploys to create a Construction Yard, and a Construction Yard can be undeployed to become it.

Devourer Tank:
one of these is an AA unit, maybe the corrupter or gun walker

don't know this one either.

Annihilator Tripod:
This nasty 3-legged walker is the alien's endgame powerhouse. It fires a laser for great damage against every sort of unit. When you see these, you'd better get some air units to take them out, because they eat everything else for breakfast. The Annihilator Tripod is upgradeable with shields.


This unit is the only one that needs to reload on the Landing Pad. It flies very fast, is very weak and shoots a laser. It is moderately effective against all types of targets. As I found out, it can get to the battle quickly, but it is unable to stand any sort of AA fire for long.

Devastator Warship:
This ship launches little globs of plasma(?) at ground targets. It has a long range and thusly is good against those nasty base defenses of Nod and GDI. It can be upgraded with shields.

Planetary Assault Carrier:
Another airship. This has little aircraft attached to it which detach and attack enemies when they come within a certain radius. The Carrier itself is defenseless, but these 10 or so planes will destroy most everything that decides to attack it. If you can get a Carrier over an enemy building or some target, it has the special ability to create Ion Storms beneath it, which quickly destroys everything under the Carrier. I am not sure if the little drones that this launches can attack the air or not. And let me tell you, the Carrier looks nothing short of awesome when upgraded with shields.


Construction Yard:
This building constructs all structures for the aliens! It can be re-deployed into an MCV if you wish to move it away. For each Construction Yard you have, you can build 1 additional building at a time.

This building provides your base with 10 power. Good for keeping your units building quickly and your base defenses online.

This building is where your harvesters bring the Tiberium to unload it and turn it into cash for you to use! It comes with one Harvester to get you going.

The infantry producing structure of these aliens. For each Portal you have, you can train an additional infantry at the same time.

Warp Sphere:
Aliens vehicles are built here (or maybe warped in from somewhere). For each Warp Sphere you have, you can construct an additional vehicle at the same time.

Nerve Center:
This provides terrain, units, structures to be shown on the radar display. Also, certain powers are unlocked from having this building.

Gravity Stabilizer:
The place for four Alien aircraft to land and reload. There is only one type of aircraft that needs to land here. All aircraft are built here, and it also allows access to some extra powers for Aliens.

Stasis Chamber:
An advanced building for upgrades for Alien infantry. Also unlocks some powers, and is required for advanced infantry.

Technology Assembler:
The vehicle technology building for the aliens. Required for the Annihilator Tripod and perhaps some others. Also contains some cool upgrades.

A building which constructs other buildings. In fact, you can construct every building except another crane with it. It allows an additional building to be built at the same time as your other buildings.


Buzzer Hive:
Two Buzzer units are located in this structure and will come out to attack any nearby infantry. If they are killed, another Buzzer will come to take their place.

Photon Cannon:
A more normal base defense, the Photon Cannon is a single building which is effective against vehicles.

Plasma Missile Battery:
The Plasma Missile Battery is the AA defense for the Aliens.

Wall Hub:
Yes, the aliens can build walls too. Walls are built similarly as they were in RA2, with one corner stone for $100, then the next $100 buys you an entire wall.

Tiberium Silo: (might not have these)
You can only store so many credits worth of Tiberium in your Refineries at a given time. To increase the amount of total cash available to you, simply build some Tiberium Silos!

Growth Accelerator:
Another interesting alien creation. This can only be built on the center of a Tiberium field. It increases the growth rate of the tiberium in that field. It pays for itself, allowing you to harvest more Tiberium in the fields which are closer to your base. Your harvesters travel less distance and you in turn get the cash faster!

Storm Column:
An interesting defense of the Aliens, this creates an Ion Storm in a radius around the tower. The radius seemed short and that most units would outrange it, but I would expect it creates Ion Storms over the farther units when they approach.

Rift Generator:
The Alien superweapon is a Rift. Build this structure, and you will have access to launch it every once in a while.

A vehicle built from the CY. It drives most anywhere on the map, deploys and then you've got a place in which to build base buildings! Good for expanding to more Tiberium patches and the like.


(don't know name) - $200 - Places a lightning turret on the ground wherever on the map you can see.

$5000 Creates instantly the Mothership, a very slow unit with immense power. It flies and when it is over the enemy, it uses a massive laser beam destroying all the buildings in a certain radius. Very deadly if you can get it to the target. It is deployed from your Landing Pad.

Worm Hole:
Choose two places on the map and they will be connected by teleporters for a short amount of time. Ground Units may move back and forth between the ends, and not only your units. It's possible that the enemy can use the teleporter for his use, but you should be able to use it wisely enough that it shouldn't matter.

The Alien superweapon, from which you gain access by building the Rift Generator. When deployed to a target area, it creates a Rift which destroys with massive (insert scientific explanation here) the entire base around where it hit! It seems to be the most destructive superweapon of all the three sides, and likely the longest recharging.


(don't know name) - Upgrades the Power Plant output by 100%.

Shields: Upgrades the Annihilator Tripod, Planetary Assault Carrier and Artillery Ship with shields. These look very cool, and are useful as well. They absorb all damage thrown at the unit until they are destroyed. The shields recharge when the unit is not under fire, but once destroyed, they will not return.

(don't know name) - Upgrades the Shock Troopers with better weapons for more damage.

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Average User Rating: 5.5
Number of Votes: 6

User Comments  
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Total comments: 8 | Last comment: 10-17-2007 at 16:49

 #1 - 01-12-2007 at 11:29
From: (California)
Joined: August 3rd, 2006
Posts: 226
"It will heal your damaged structures to full health instantly, or even better, capture enemy buildings for your own use!"

I thought they were over this engineer capturing buildings I liked the capture upgrade to the infantry in generals frown

 #2 - 01-12-2007 at 18:05
Joined: May 2nd, 2006
Posts: 65
I miss the engineer rush in RA2. I would have all my GI's deployed and totally mow through them... Ahh, good times, good times. *goes to play RA2*

 #3 - 01-21-2007 at 05:39
From: (Leusden)
Joined: September 30th, 2005
Posts: 541
This side is really alot like the protoss from StarCraft: warpgates as war factory and smaller warp gates for the infantry, the carrier, and the photon cannon is even called like the defense gun from the protoss! But the Protoss are my favourite side so this won't be a problem T).

 #4 - 03-02-2007 at 15:40
From: (Virginia)
Joined: February 27th, 2007
Posts: 10
an alien side????

never heard of it but I think its awesome!cool

 #5 - 03-26-2007 at 07:34
From: (Brain)
Joined: September 15th, 2005
Posts: 133
well if you remember in Tiberian sun, you find a ship, when you mouse over it, it's called a Scrin Ship

and thats what these guys are.

 #6 - Tiberian Sun Scrin Ship, yea - 06-01-2007 at 12:32
From: (Groningen)
Joined: May 27th, 2006
Posts: 373
Yes I remember that, I hate that mission where you need to defend it. Underground APC's suddenly emerging all over the place. I got some extra info:


Seeker tank: Fires globs of plasma energy at it's target. Very effective at infantry and aircraft.

Gun walker: Fires plasma bullets at infantry. Effective against those, but would soon be destroyed by vehicles.

Devourer tank: Fires an laser to rip apart vehicles and structures. Don't let it get near your Refinery or a nearby Tiberium field, it can supercharge it's laser by sucking energy out of tiberium. Then it is very destructive.

Corrupter: A spider-like creature (or machine? We don't know...) wich spits some sort of poisonous fluid over it's target. Effective against Infantry and structures. Beware, sometimes the Infantry will not be killed, but turned into Visceroids! These nasty little buggers can be hell for structures! It seems though they consider the Corrupter as their mother, as they did not attack mine.


Foundry: The alien counterpart of the crane. IT HAS THREE HEADS!! AAARGH!! Don't worry, they cannot attack. Same efficiency too.


Lightning Spike: $1000 - Creates some sort of tower anywhere you can see. It fires a lightning bolt at it's target. Very effective against vehicles and structures.

Mothership: $5000 - Calls an Scrin Mothership onto the battlefield -- an huge aircraft looking like a ring with a hub in the middle, armed with the "Catalyst Cannon", firing a destructive wave out of the hub. Very slow, extremely armored, effective against all structures and has a scary... uhmm... voice?

Rift: 7:00 minutes charge time - Opens a rift, a wormhole kind of thing, at target location. Sucks everything in, and probably throws them out into space. Very deadly.

 #7 - 10-10-2007 at 12:22
Joined: August 12th, 2006
Posts: 921
the ''alien side''is called the scrin.
it has campaign missions when both nod and GDI missions are done.
en where wall hubs?
i only know them with mod

 #8 - 10-17-2007 at 16:49
Joined: April 26th, 2007
Posts: 12
Resistance is Futile!wowResistance is Futile!wowResistance is Futile!wow really great

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