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Tiberium Wasteland
Filename: mp_wasteland.zip

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78.98 KB
Maps > Multiplayer Maps > Tiberian Sun

Average User Rating: 6.2
Number of Votes: 8
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Tiberium Wasteland - File Description  

This 6-player map is ideal for top vs. bottom play, or as a 2v2 in east vs. west play. The tiberium can be found on the inside of a large canyon, along with various creatures.

Tiberium Wasteland - File Download Options  

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Download from Worldwide Mirror by FileFront Download Tiberium Wasteland!

Tiberium Wasteland - Readme  
Readme File:
Tiberium Wasteland v.Final by Time2KILL

One evening I was feeling like playing tiberian sun and it brought back
good memmories. It reminded me of all the modded maps I used to make so
that motivated me to make this perticualr map! It is a 6 player highly
detailed tiberian sun map. Top vs. Bottom is reccomended for best playing
experiance. The tiberium is generally found along and inside a rather large
canyon that streaches across the map. Creatures are found inside it as well.
Tiberium Wasteland is heavly modified but quite balanced and error free at
the same time. 2v2's also work as well in an East vs West senario. Map preview
was cut inorder to maintain online capbility. Here is a list of changes made
to the map:

place this file directly in your tiberian sun directory in the "sun" folder
This directory mabey different for those with TFD or regular versions.
Mapname on the map selection page is "Tiberium Wasteland v.Final" it has no

**Both sides**

* Tiberium values generaly raised by 50%-80% +
* Buildspeeds increased from 100% to 175 %
* Aircraft and Tank speeds increased from 1 to 1.10
* Harvister speeds doubled

** GDI Changes**
* Added "Saboteur":
A stealthy infantry unit that can place C4, best
used in mixed groups of infantry or deployed from
* Added "Pathfinder":
Exalent sniper Equiped with an AP bullet, kills
most infantry in one hit and significantly dammages
light units.
* Added "The Prophet"
An infantryunit with special powers. He has the ability
to spawn red firestorm flames in large quantities and
incinerate most buildings, tanks, and infantry.
* Added "Visceroid"
GDI can train adult viscerods! Press the guard button
(G) to stop them from wondering off. Built at factory.
* Added "Hover Scout"
A specially modified drone that launches medium range
cruise missiles. This unit hovers and is somewhat fast
but lightly armored. Cruise missile move slow but do
significant dammage to medium armor or slow moving vehicles
and buildings.
* Added "Ion Wave Titan"
A new version of the titan mech. It launches a beam of ion
waves which are best used vs vehicles and infantry. Weak against
heavly armored vehicles
* Added "MLRS MK II"
A large mech transport that can hold 10 infantry. It is less
armored than the MK II but slightly faster. This unit is
equipted with a long range light dammage missile that fires in
large volleys. It can fire 360 Deg becaue of the missile locomortor
* Added "Disrupter Drone"
A speedy medium armor drone. It is armed with 6 blasts of the
Disrupters sonic laser. Very effective against buildings. Good vs
most ground vehcles.
* Added "Missile Striker"
To replace the old orca bomber, GDI has developed a better more
efficient aircraft. This striker has a payload of 2 large missile
bombardments. Works well in groups of 2 and can tanke out most buildings
after only a few fly-by's. Faster than the old bomber too.
* Added "Dropship"
The dropship is quite a unique unit. It can either paradrop 5 infantry men
or "carry" one vehicle much like the carry-all. To paradrop infantry,
load up the dropship and command it to attack a target. As the dropship lays
down cover-fire, it drops its troops over the target area.
* Added "Concrete Bunker"
Component towers have been replaced with this more efficient fortifide
defensive structure. Concrete bunkers can fire either Orca missiles or
employ the use of the jumpjet cannon vs infantry. Bunkers are fitted with a
new texture.
* Added "Ion Defence"
By far the best defence ever develped. This special uplink provides a local
sattelite with data over a small radius over your base. When a unit comes with
in its target area, it launches less dammaging ion beams at the unit until its
destroyed. Can only be built once cannot fire too close to the tower.
* Added "Geothermal Power"
A new powerplant that provides 400 units of geothermal power to a GDI base.


* Added "Very Angry Dog"
Dont piss this Canine off! He is very fast and quite strong. His dog
attack dammaes most units. Works best when in large groups.
* Added "NOD Commando"
The nod commando launches special energy orbs which have a napalm effect.
The orbs move slow but trach its target for quite some time. Very effective
against buildings or infantry.
* Added "Flamethrower Soldier"
A specially armored infantry unit that launches a flame. Used best
inconjunction with diversified groups of infantry.
* Added "Digger"
This very unique infantry has a special talent for digging under ground.
It can move to shround and tunnels its way to anyplace on the map. Unfortunatly,
the digger is very weak and especially vunerable to snipers.
* Added "Laser Tank"
A special AFV unit. The laser tank has a modified turret that emmits
a solid continous laserbeam unlike the oblesk or laser turret. It gradually
dammages buildings and most tanks. Medium armored but not good vs infantry.
* Added "Railgun Artillery"
This long range laser tank repleces the old artillery vehicles. Although it lacks
the range of its older countrpart, it does significant dammage to pretty much
everything. It has a slow fireing rate and usless against fast moving or close
combat units.
* Added "Quantum Warping Devise"
A highly experimental teleporting vehicle. It can teleport only to unshrouded
sections of the map. Its special warping weapon equally dammages all unit types.
Does not do much dammage to buildings or building armor types.
* Added "Devil's Fist"
By far the deadliest tank ever contructed. It is a heavely armored but very slow
moving tank. Its turret deploys a special cannon shell which contains a highly
volatile acid. This acid eats away at most vehicles in seconds. Also, this special
acid emmits a toxic cloud shortly after exposure to oxygen. The chemicle itself is
usless against buildings and special armor types but the toxin compensates for this.
* Added "Napalm Bomber"
This large slightly slow bomber carpet bombs napalm bombs. If the target unit is not
destroyed, the remaining fire continues to burn for several seconds dammaging its target.
Best used in groups of 2 or more.
* Added "Meteor Strike Beacon"
A highly specialized structure. It is a beacon which must be placed near units for best
results. Depending on how long the beacon remains undestoryed, X amountof meteors will
hit (2- 20). This structure is supposed to destroy itself. Anyway, After the meteors fall
the debris produce a large toxic cloud over the beaconed area. A red light is produced by
the becaon to let you know "YOU HAVE BE TARGETED MUHAHAHAHA". If your quick to destroy it,
very few meteors will spawn. Costs 2000 PER STRIKE do not place the beacon in your base.
Can be placed anywhere and destorys most structures.
* Added "Nuclear reactor"
Nods new powerplant, replacs the advanced powerplant. Provides 900 units of nuclear energy.

Errors rarely occure but none the less do happen; but mostly when facing the AI. Generally,
online play is smooth and balanced. Some units and structures have been cut inorder to balance
the map and make units work effectivly. One known errror occures when an ion wave titan attacks a visceriod.
That the only issue I know of, report any errors in the comment section to me.
(c) 2006 Alex B map making industries collectivly "Time2KILL" on filefront.com
at the ini and examen it to benefit you own editing skillz.
Contact me for whatever at:
AIM = sabatour059
E-Mail = sabatour059@aim[dot]com

Tiberium Wasteland - User Comments  
The following comments are owned by the user that posted them. Command & Conquer Files is not responsible for their content.

Total comments: 5 | Last comment: 12-25-2006 at 20:58

 #1 - Cool - 11-14-2006 at 06:02
From: (Oslo)
Joined: October 21st, 2006
Posts: 5
Cool, is it some news units in the mod?

 #2 - 11-14-2006 at 15:02
From: (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Joined: January 25th, 2006
Posts: 55
Sorry man, this isn't a good map at all. Many terrain errors, very poor detailing, very blocky tiberium(and too much of it). Also the new units are poorly done and outrageously powerful in some cases... if you want to see good TS maps look at the spotlighted maps at PPM or Tiberium Web, or the old TIberium Sun.com archives...learn a few things and then try again, if you want any tips email me at psychogerman@gmail.com.

 #3 - 11-14-2006 at 17:21
From: (Crapy Milton)
Joined: June 24th, 2006
Posts: 176
well I'm doing this as a hobby and for my enjoyment not as a friken career; I do have a life after all. And BTW sir, if you do play Tiberian Sun online, you could easily differentiate the detail on my map vs. the usual online maps.

Honestly, you seem like what I would call "anal". You could have been decent or for that matter less harsh, its not that bad and you know it. In fact, it seems to me that the only reasons you criticized this so harshly is because A. to make yourself/your maps look better, B. Advertise sites C. Your ignorance has hindered your judgment and you have no idea what goes into a "pro" map (IE Westwood quality long hours, inherent testing etc.)

Also, you don't seem to know too much about map ini's, somethings simply cannot be edited successfully without damaging the playing capabilites of the map. Sure I could have created all new units but the .mpr file would be so huge that it would become nontransferable. Also, creating certain projectiles and warheads will crash the map, thus I have done the best I can to ensure a stable code.

I know my map isn't perfect, there probably are errors and imbalances but I designed this so people could play online with something new and different rather than generic speed mods.

 #4 - 11-15-2006 at 18:30
From: (Ohio)
Joined: November 15th, 2006
Posts: 1
ok well IMO the 2nd guy was kinda right.

you got the basic mapping down you just need to learn a few things about what truly makes a map good. although i will say that the detailing is ok for an online map. BUT to say it took long hours and of quality work like that what WW put in i think not. if you think ww really took a lot of time on their maps your mistaken. their maps are kinda moderately detailed, with maybe 1-3 triggers and have even had errors found on some. and thats usually about it and sometimes imballanced. if i wanted to make a WW quality map it would only take me about maybe around 2-3 hours for 1-4 players.

anyways...i think you should hear about this addon to finalsun its called FrameWork mode or some call it Marble Madness. it really helps with cliffs and some other things. and i can see on mine that you have quite a bit of those along with repeating cliffs.

another note is that even if it is an online map you could still add some more lighting effects than that of the general lighting. i look at yours and it looks like it was taken from one of the FS Scripts. i suggest using invis light posts.

also i know about modding mpr files with modded units i may not include it in most of my maps that i release but i have done it plenty of times. and i know for a fact you can add a whole new unit (a clone unit though) and it will turn out ok. unless you make like 20 for each side. which then that would be kinda stupid though.

and a final note i have played MUCH more detailed maps that have lots of cliffs, trees, rocks, lighting effects, ground details, and lots of tiberium than this online before and sure it did lag but that was because i was on Dial up at that time.

and just for the heck of it im gonna post 2 of my more recent maps to show off what a lot of other Tiberian Sun community members map quality is like.

 #5 - That's it! - 12-25-2006 at 20:58
Joined: December 25th, 2006
Posts: 8
smilebig grinHmmm Donut!
This is very good map. New units. And I liked Distrupter drone and mlrs mk 2, Ion Titan and dropship.
But I didn't undersand what concreet bunker is?
Can you explain this to me?

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