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Souped Up Generals Mod (1.02)
Filename: soupedupgeneralsmod.zip

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Average User Rating: 6.7
Number of Votes: 12
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Souped Up Generals Mod (1.02) - File Description  

This is a interesting mod for regular Generals. It has made many interesting changes to existing units in the game to "soupup" gameplay and make it a bit more interesting. For all you General lovers this is a mod for you!

Souped Up Generals Mod (1.02) - Screenshots  
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Souped Up Generals Mod (1.02) - File Download Options  

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usa - USA Central USA Central

Download from Worldwide Mirror by FileFront Download Souped Up Generals Mod!

Souped Up Generals Mod (1.02) - Readme  
Readme File:
Souped up Generals mod for original Generals (not Zero Hour)
includes Souped Up GLA, USA and China Mods

by Beng, bengtang@hotmail.com

Version 1.02 May 2007

Installation: Put the 0SoupedUpGeneralsMod.big file in your Generals folder.
Uninstallation: Delete the 0SoupedUpGeneralsMod.big file.

This mod is intended for playing the single player USA and China campaigns or skirmishes. It may conflict with other mods or Skirmish maps which have modified unit stats in a map.ini. You must uninstall any other mods before using this one.

It should work for multiplayer if both players are using the same mod, but i have not tested it for multiplayer.

Bug: Dozers will try and defuse supply piles. Move them away if you see this, as your resource gatherer's can't gather at the same time.

General Changes:
Out of range cursor - when a target enemy object is out of range the attack cursor on it has flashing colours.

Hero air strike cursors: Point the nose of the airplane icon at the place you want to target.


Rebels and Tunnel Defenders get better weapons with SoupUp upgrade and move faster. The upgraded tunnel defender rocket can kill 1 garrisoned infantry. 2 of the rockets hitting the same aircraft in a short space of time will set off an air burst explosion, causing it to crash.

Workers move faster and climb cliffs with SoupUp.

Hijackers can hack money to gan veterancy, then go into vehicles (enemy or friendly) to promote them like pilots.
Hijackers cannot be crushed by vehicles (except overlord) and can run over infantry.

GLA Barracks can build a biohazard tech guy who behaves like an ambulance, and has a flame thrower to boot. Useful for destroying toxin bunkers etc.

Jarmen Kell with soupup gets a toxin bullet sniper gun that can clear garrisoned buildings in 2 shots and has anti-air and anti-vehicle uses. He also gets the ability to call in air strikes by converted light civilians planes which drop 3 bombs. Each air strike can destroy a non souped-up base defence. It takes 2 air strikes to destroy a souped up base defence. If the plane is shot down it can also damage things by crashing and exploding in a ball of fire.
Jarmen also gets TNT charges and can capture buildings and can swim and climb cliffs. He can detect stealth to a short distance (50), just enough to find demo traps before they go off.
Jarmen is stealthed except when planting TNT charges or calling air strikes.

Technicals get more health with SoupUp and can move over cliffs and water. Their shell and rocket weapons do more damage with AP Bullets + Soupup. They can carry 8 passengers.

Radar van can contain 5 passengers who get healed at 10% per second.
When both SoupUp AND Radar Van Scan upgrades are bought, it gets 3 weapons: a primary radiation beam weapon that can burn infantry, vehicles (except toxin tractor), structures (useful against base defences because of it's long range), and aircraft, a stealthy microwave emitter weapon that can burn nearby enemy infantry (park the van near an enemy barracks or supply stash and turn it on), and an EMP pulse weapon that will affect the area around it for 20 seconds, and recharges after 2 minutes.
The EMP pulse affects itself so it will also be immobalised, so make sure it is stealthed before you fire it.
These 2 upgrades, SoupUp AND Radar Van Scan, also turn on the Defector ability which lets it capture any enemy unit. When you defect a unit, it comes under your control for 12 seconds during which you can move it but it cannot fire, and the enemy won't target it yet. Once the 12 seconds are up, it can shoot and the enemy will also target it. If you defect infantry, you can hide them inside the radar van if it is stealthed.
It can be upgraded with it's own camo netting for $1000, to be stealthed when not moving too fast. Firing its primary beam weapon also reveals it to the enemy but its emitter weapon and EMP pulse do not turn off the stealth.

Scorpion gun and missile have longer range and more damage with SoupUp upgrade.

Marauder tank with both SoupUp AND scorpion rocket upgrades gets a gunner and, like the Souped Up Paladin tank, is powerful against air units and garrisoned buildings. It can also can carry passengers who can fire and who get healed at 10% per second. Its armour is also better against jet missiles, but it has slightly less helath than the Paladin (but also it costs less to build). It can also build a laser repair drone to protect against incoming projectiles.
Its main gun gets upgraded in range and damage, if both soupup AND AP bullets upgrades are bought.
The Marauder's turret can now turn and it can fire whilst the tank is moving.

Toxin tractors can build a laser repair drone to help protect them from projectiles.

GLA cargo plane gets weapons with soupup, they gain a bonus from AP bullets. The plane's health is improved with junk repair.
It ejects crew when killed when veteran.

Tunnel networks and stinger sites have more health and auto repair with soupup.
They also heal nearby units when Junk Repair is purchased.

Tunnel network gun is upgraded with soupup to a shell firing weapon that does splash damage, works better aginst groups of infantry and garrisoned buildings. It can also shoot at nearby aircraft.
This gun also does more damage with AP bullets upgrade.

Stinger site can be upgraded with a gattling cannon for more reliable defensive power (can't be killed like stinger soldiers), but it does not detect stealth units unlike the Chinese one.

GLA barracks health changed form 500 to 1000 to make it same health as American barracks.

GLA Black Markets produce energy (useful for powering captured enemy buildings).

Scud storm missiles can be watched in flight and they reveal terrain as they fly over, but they can be shot down by concentrated anti-ballistic missile defences (laser drones included).

You can buy a Carpet Bomb upgrade at the palace which enables your command centre to call in a GLA carpet tuck-bomber. This lets you drop 4 bomb trucks anywhere, and recharges after 3.3 minutes. 4 bomb trucks should be able to destroy a superweapon building.

America Changes / Upgrades:

3 stripe Pilots can now move at the same speed as other rank pilots (instead of moving slower), and in addition can climb cliffs.

Missile defenders, Burton and Pathfinders can rappel from chinooks like rangers.

Ranger gun gets better range, damage and rate of fire with SoupUp upgrade.

Missile Defender gets better missiles with SoupUp upgrade.

Pathfinder when souped up AND upgraded with flashbangs, moves slower but stealthier and can also climb cliffs, use flashbangs, and gets an infantry rifle for use against vehicles, structures and aircraft.

Burton can capture buildings and call GBU-28 bunker buster air strikes and detects stealth to range 50 (can just detect a demo trap before it blows him up). He can also swim when souped up
and gets a better gun that can shoot down aircraft and shoot Chinese mines (force fire on them).

Tomahawk vehicle has better vision range and a missile that clears buildings when souped up, and can produce 1 dozer (for the mission where you start with tomahawks but no dozer). It can also
shoot at aircraft, though it is only useful for targeting helicopters.

Humvee can make a laser drone that shoots down projectiles.

Ambulance also repairs nearby vehicles.

US Dozer moves faster and can climb cliffs when souped up. It also gets a toxin cleanup weapon but it does not autoheal or heal nearby units like the Chinese dozer - use your ambulance for that.

Crusader gets an anti-infantry / anti-aircraft gun with Soup Up upgrade AND Tow Missile upgrade.

Paladin tank can contain 5 infantry who can fire from inside and get healed at 10% per second, make a laser drone for anti-missile and anti-shell protection, in addition to its own anti-missile laser, and gets more health with SoupUp. It also gets a longer ranger gun that can hit infantry in garrisoned buildings.
Paladin also has anti-aircraft laser, it is a very strong anti-air vehicle.

C130 cargo planes are armed and when veteran will eject crew if shot down. Its weapons benefit from the laser missiles (gives it toxin shells) and comanche rocket pod (upgrades the toxin type) upgrades.

Auroras get a laser weapon and a laser guided bomb if you get both soupup AND laser missiles upgrades. The bomb has a delayed action nuke warhead that will explode after about 20s, just as the GLA hole is starting to rebuild, giving you more time to remove the hole. Dozers and workers can defuse the bomb before it goes off. Enemy units near the bomb will shoot at it, and if they have shell or missile weapons and the bomb is in a structure, they will damage the structure.
The laser is effective against infantry. The aurora will be unshootable whilst it still has laser ammo and is attacking, so when it has dropped its bomb, and before it uses up it's laser ammo, force fire it on the ground near your base to make it fly back there whilst being unattackable by the enemy.
Aurora health can be upgraded with Composite armor.

Stealth jets and raptors get improved missiles with soupup upgrade. The Stealth jet ones will clear garrisoned buildings. With Laser missiles upgrade each raptor missile can kill 1 infantry and stealth jets can shoot air targets.

Raptors get more health with composite armor.

Patriot batteries can contain troops like a bunker and upgrade a laser drone. Garrison a few rangers in your patriots to make them more effective at defending against infantry.
Patriot batteries get 100% more health with soupup, like China and GLA base defences.

Comanches can be upgraded to contain a special sniper who can snipe infantry, detect stealth, and shoot anti-missile lasers. His laser gun shoots faster with the rocket pods upgrade.

China Changes:

To avoid the bug where the VeterancyGainCreate module (activated by Red Guard training science) turns off weapon set upgrades, Red Guard training does not affect standard Red Guards or standard Tank Hunters any more. It only gives veterancy to Lotus and Hackers. However, Red guards and tank hunters gain experience at twice the rate if Nationalism upgrade is purchased.
As a partial workaround, when you buy SoupUp upgrade, your China barracks will build a new type of Red Guard and Tank Hunter who start with upgraded weapons, and so can use the VeterancyGainCreate module safely. Appart from this they look the same as the standard types.

Similarly, Artillery training changes inferno cannons from Black Napalm back to their starting yellow napalm guns, so i removed it. It now only affects Nuke cannons who gain 2 stripe promotions.

Inferno cannon gets flak cannon for anti-air and anti-ballistic missile work, also gets horde bonus for being in groups of 4 vehicles (any type of vehicle). They also have longer vision and will auto acquire enemies.

Black Lotus gets air strike laser (each shot calls one Mig with one missile), anti-infantry kung fu, and anti-vehicle/personnel mines, and tank hunter's TNT attack. She also swims in water and climbs cliffs.

Anti-missile repair drone can be purchased for China Gattling cannon structures and Dragon tanks and Gattling tanks.
These drones can shoot down incoming missiles and shells.

Propaganda centre can do Spysat scan and upgrade a radar van scan ability for Gattling Tanks.

China supply centre can build a hovercraft to transport units over water. It collects $600 of supplies like the American chinook and has a long range missile launcher mounted on top.

B52 carpet bombers will eject 3 rangers when destroyed. B52s also detect stealth and get slightly more health from the Mig armor upgrade.

China Upgrade effects:

Use the SoupUp upgrade button in either the China command centre or barracks to get these powerups:

SoupedUp China barracks builds red guards and tank hunters who have better weapons. The tank hunter missile kills one garrisoned infantry in garrisoned civilian buildings. Two of them hitting an air target in close proximity will cause a secondary explosion. The redguard gun has longer range and faster rate of fire.

Chinese power plant gets power boost with soupup upgrade.

China base defences autoheal.

Scud storm missiles are shootable, build gattling cannons and laser drones to shoot them down.
Inferno cannons are also good in this role.

Nuke missiles also shootable but somewhat stronger than scud missiles.

Nuke missiles do their damage in 2 blast waves and so destroy GLA holes near ground zero (but those on the edges of the impact area survive).

Airfield gets button for carpet bombing but you must first buy the Carpet Bombing upgrade (aslo from the airfield) to enable it.

The airfield also lets you buy the Flashbang upgrade for the rangers that eject from destroyed carpet bombers.

SoupedUp carpet bombing B52 has air launched cruise missiles that it will launch at enemies as it flies over. It also has a bit more health.

SoupedUp China cargo plane has the hovercraft's missiles and ejects 1, 2 or 3 infantry, depending on veterancy, when destroyed.

Souped up Migs have better health and missiles. 3 of them with black napalm can destroy a stinger site. Their missiles also clear garrisoned buildings in one shot, so you have a button on them to fire only 1 missile in order to clear 2 buildings on each sortie.

Nationalism makes all infantry gain experience at twice the rate (like American advanced training).

China Dozer and Dragon tank move faster with SoupUp upgrade.

China dozer can climb cliffs with SoupUp upgrade.
China dozers get a speaker tower and can clean up poison with SoupUp upgrade.

Nuke cannon moves faster with nuclear tanks upgrade.

Soupedup china war factories build super assault troop crawlers which have gattling guns that can help shoot down ballistic missiles, and more health and let passengers fire. They come with 4 red guards and 4 tank hunters.

Gattling tanks can contain 5 infantry who can fire out of it. With soupup upgrade, 2 tank hunters are loaded from the start.
You cam also upgrade it to contain a special sniper who can shoot missiles with a laser and snipe vehicles like Jarmen, as well as sniping infantry. He can also detect enemy stealth units whilst inside the vehicle.
You can also upgrade the Gattling tank with a laser repair drone, and it can also do radar van scan if you upgrade this at the propaganda centre.

Souped Up Generals Mod (1.02) - User Comments  
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Total comments: 3 | Last comment: 07-12-2007 at 10:03

 #1 - 06-04-2007 at 22:21
Joined: February 24th, 2006
Posts: 553
Agh!Get this on Modtoaster,I wanna try it!

 #2 - NEED HELp - 07-06-2007 at 04:13
From: (Bierut)
Joined: April 10th, 2007
Posts: 6

 #3 - 07-12-2007 at 10:03
Joined: June 11th, 2007
Posts: 42
Yeah i got that problem put next time don't use all CAPS
still looks goodTwo Thumbs Up! 14/15
for bad problem

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