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Shockwave (0.95)
Filename: sw95_beta.zip

Date Added:
Type / Category:
176.73 MB
Shockwave Team
Zero Hour > Mods

Average User Rating: 9
Number of Votes: 683
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Shockwave (0.95) - File Description  

Merry Christmas from the Shockwave Team!

The latest and greatest version of the Shockwave Mod series. Three new generals to play with, and the simply amazing statistic of OVER 100 new units in this mod! While it is not a total conversion, it has more content than most do.

What has changed since 0.93? Well, so much stuff that I can't possibly mention it all here! Over 3800 words worth of changes have been documented, and the list would be twice as long if they listed every change from Zero Hour.

If you are looking for a mod that adds an insane amount of new units, structures, vehicles, airplanes and most importantly, Superweapons to play with, look no further! Simply unprecedented awesomness.

For Technical Support: http://www.shockwavemod.com

Shockwave (0.95) - Screenshots  
Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

Shockwave (0.95) - File Download Options  

Primary Download Locations:
Provided by:
Worldwide Mirror by FileFront
usa - USA Central USA Central

Download from Worldwide Mirror by FileFront Download Shockwave!

Shockwave (0.95) - Readme  
Readme File:
********** Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour: Shockwave Beta Release 0.95 *********

Greatings, General! If you're reading this you're probably downloading 0.95 (or you have downloaded it already).
This new release fixes all known/fixable errors from the last version, and hopefully doesn't add to many new ones.
If you want to read upon the changes since the last version of the mod you will have to check the "Changelog.rtf" document in main package.
If your unsure how to use this mod read the "manual.rtf" file from the main package to get instructions.

***List of content in this package***

SW95_Beta.exe - Installation file
Manual.rtf - Contains a full explanation on how to install the mod and how to use the launcher
Changelog.rtf - Contains a full detailed report of all changes since the last release of the mod
Readme.txt - The file your reading right now

***Know bugs/issues that cannot be fixed through modding***

also when you notice a bug we would gladly listen to your report on our forums here http://forum.cncreneclips.com/index.php?showforum=41
However before you do this please look at this list bellow as it contains issues that we know off but cannot be fixed by us becouse of coding limitations of Generrals ZH and there is usualy no way around those.

-The R.A.D. Tank will not eject its reactor core if there is an enemy within its attacking range. It will instead continue to fire radiation streams
-Some buildings look undamaged while collapsing
-Nuke Cannons packing up and deploying agains when in guard mode
-Spectre Gunships are automaticly selected when they are activated by anyone
-Before you buy the upgrade for the Toxin Tractor's Viral Weapons, if you place your cursor over that ability it will say it costs $2000
-If you place a Toxin Grenadier inside a Tech Flak Bunker, the Toxin Grenadier will attempt to shoot from inside the Flak Bunker and toxins will appear on the ground in an area beneath it (Toxin Grenadier fires his gun underground)
-If you purchase the Nerve Gas upgrade and use the Terrorist as bike/carbomb, both the terror cycle and carbomb won't have nerve gas effects or leave nerve gas residue
-Pilots sometimes don't give experience to comanches when you click on them to enter
-Laser infantry laser beams apear from the wrong locations when in buildings and units
-Camo netted palace stays stealted when shooting
-Tech War Fortress displays "Time Until Drop", like a Reinforcement Pad when selecting the wrecked fortress.
-USA Patriot missiles firing out side of there actual weapon range.
-If an Airpad is built beside the map's boundary the Worker Tools will not be delivered by the MI-8
-If a GLA Balloon is moved and obstructs the flight path of the MI-8 Transport as it is setting down on the Airpad, the Worker Tools will not be delivered
-Tank Mass Production affectes all vehicles and aircraft not only ground vehicles
-Occasionaly the AI uses Emperor Overlord fire its main guns at airborne units.
-When you press the stop shorcut key "S" hackers inside hackvan will stop hacking.
-Thrax virals sometimes do no infect units on a bridge
-When Black Lotus uses her special ability and calls in Iron Dragons, and you designate an Iron Dragon strike before Lotus' Dragons have left the map, your airstrike of Iron Dragons will not arrive.
-Para droped and carpet bombing abbilities sometimes miss there targets.
-Demo Gen battlebus can target ground and air units even if infantry are not in the bus.
-Nuke cannon deploy bug when in guard mode
-Superweapon times get extended for 20 seconds if they are finnished constructing while the power is out
-Berserker reload bug when close to a speaker tower
-Emperor Tanks show a targeting cursor on aircraft even if they do not have the gattling upgrade
-Black Lotus' System Hack resets itself every time Lotus comes in range of a friendly propaganda tower or speaker if it is recharging
-After an infantry unit stationed in a listening tower has fired, the firing animation will loop forever even when he's not firing.
-If vannila troopcrawlers are not upgraded with auto cannons they cannot be orderd to attack with their Redguards as other TCs can
-When you got jarmenkell selected and hover with your mouse above a enemy structure you get a hack icon
-AI controlled players can sometimes use generals powers even with out a commandcenter
-AI controlled players sometimes create generals powers right in your own base rather than coming from the edge of the ma
-The infantry inside the Stealth Gen's Machinegun Nest have shooting animations even when they are not firing at anything
-Tiger Shark and amphibious vehicles leave a brown dust trail in water
-Advanced ECM Tanks do not fire out of Tank Bunkers even if they are being attacked, unless manually clicked to do so
-Advanced ECM Tanks are unable to negate a missile's course if it is placed inside a Tank Bunker
-If the Beserk MRLS has the Burst Fire Mode or Barrage Fire Mode selected and it is ordered to make a Ground Attack it will only fire one missile
-Sometimes when buildings are destroyed and the building collapses it reappears again for a split second
-If a tank is sniped by Jarmen Kell, killed by Nerve Gas or Neutron you cannot put infantry inside the tank again to restore ownership and will have to sell the bunker to do so
-Sometimes Nuke Cannons fire two shots in quick succession
-Sometimes Colonel Burton will fire two shots in quick succession if you change between MG and grenades
-If a Pillbox is damaged/critically damaged and it is sold it will automatically regain full health (enables player to "always" gain money from selling it)
-All GLA sides (Tunnel Networks): If you have a transport with fireports and you force fire on the ground outside a Tunnel Network, then order your transport inside the tunnel the units inside the transport will continue to fire from inside the tunnel
-Listening Post Towers cannot force fire on the ground even if there are infantry inside
-Remote Demo Traps don't get damaged/explode when they're crushed by an Overlord Logic vehicle
-When you play a game in windowed mode and try to take screens with F12 it crashes in a serious error
-All GLA sides: When the fireports of a Palace originate in the very center on the bottom of the palace and when the Palace fires it sometimes damages itself. This mostly happens when the Fortified Structure has been researched. (Happens when enemy gets close to the Palace and there are RPG troops inside)
-On snow maps, the Humvee/Ambulance with the snow-treads leaves the wheeled vehicle marks instead of the tracked vehicle marks.

**SWR Productions Team**

The_Hunter - Mod Leader and Founder, Modeler, Skinner, Sound Designer, 2D Artist, Main Coder
Prophet Of the Pimps - Co-Mod Leader, Mapper, AI Scripter
Freedom Fighter - Modeler
ComR4de - Concept Artist, Mapper
Mathias - Sound Designer, Concept Artists
Judgement - Modeler
Rade Jovanovic - Modeler
Jordan - Modeler, Infantry Rigger
LeoJr - Modeler
Thierry - Modeler
Dimantisan - Mapper
Jordan - Assistant Coder, Modeler, Rigger
Cycerin - SFX artist, Concept Artist
SpiderSpag - Mapper

*Shockwave Beta Testing team*
altho these people don't do much in the actual development of the mod
without them we would never have such a good bug/ballance filter :)

Major Nuker
El Gringo

**Honorable (Retired) Team Members**
These people are no longer part of the team but without them the mod would have never looked/played as good
and been as much fun as as it does today a big thanks goes to all of them.

Deathstrike - Former Co-Leader, Mapper, Scripter, Assistant Coder, Particle FX Expert
Chrizz - Modeler, Skinner, 2D Artist
IonCannon - Particle FX Expert

Special Thanks goes to these people for the following things

Deezire - For the new fusion reactor model for the laser general
- For the new demolition scud storm model
- For the new common Chinese supply center model
- For his great editing forum that helped me to finish my mod

Cboidy - For the new Comanche Rocket pod Trail particle effect
- For the Original B52 Cruise Missile particle effect explosions
- For the ATACMS Rocket Detonation Particles
- For the new missile trail used on various newly added rocket weapons

Just_West - For the transport helix model
- For the new attack outpost model
- For the Original GLA sniper cameo
- For the new skin for the superhacker
- For the new super lotus model
- For the new internet center cameo
- For the dubble barreled tank hunter cameo

Golan - For the Blackwidow model

Fritz - For the original Chinese Devastator model
- For the USA mortar humvee
- For the Original Tank Generals Gattling tank model

Creator - For The Original Frog-7 Rocket Launcher Model

Vanguard - For The Toxin Stinger Soldier model
- For the Demolition RPG Trooper model
- For the Advanved ECM tank model

Key0p - For the Double barreled tank hunter model

CoolFile - For the climbing & bomb placing animations for the Saboteur
- For the original new commanche model
- For the Capture animations of the stealth rebel

Sir-Maddoc - For the Chaingun upgraded gattling cannon models
- For the Explosion FX for the TOPOL M
- For the Explosion FX of the comanche rocket pod barrage
- For helping me with coding issues

Stinger - For the Original Nuke Redguard Cameo
- For the Original Infantry Redguard Cameo
- For the Original Rocket Sniper Cameo
- For the Original Grenade Tank Hunter Cameo
- For the Original Pyro Cameo
- For the Original Stealth General RPG Trooper Cameo

Revan - For the Map Tournament Oasis
- For the Map Airport Assault

SoulReaver - For helping me to learn modeling and skinning
- For the chinese submarine model

Sleipnir - For his GLA supply truck model
- For his GLA Dozer model
- For his great editing forum that helped me to finish my mod

ColdBlooded - For the Toxin Terrorist Nerve gas pack Cameo

OldManFunk - For the Skin of the GLA Sniper

warsn7per - For the Original Shellmap

Kease - For the Original GLA Balloon Model

Ice - For the new toxin bombtruck model
- For the GLA quadbike Model
- For the Combat Technical Model
- For the Modified GLA sniper cameo
- For allowing me to use some idea's of his old mod for my own

Mithril - For the Setting up the Demo Generals challange map

Screaming Cricket - For The New Siege Soldier Cameo
- For new 2d textures used for particle effects

Vengance - For providing us with sound effect resources
- For providing us with smooth animations for the USA Exosuits

Ptar64 - For helping us beta testing and giving advice with balance and bug fixing

ComradeJ - For helping us beta testing and giving advice with balance and bug fixing

CodeCat - For helping us beta testing and giving advice with balance and bug fixing
- For helping us with coding issues

Cyborg - For helping us beta testing and giving advice with balance and bug fixing

Corgano - For helping us beta testing and giving advice with balance and bug fixing

Natus - For helping us beta testing and giving advice with balance and bug fixing
- For providing us with sound effect resources

The Phantastic - For helping us beta testing and giving advice with balance and bug fixing

sum41freaky - For helping us beta testing and giving advice with balance and bug fixing

Stalink - For helping us beta testing and giving advice with balance and bug fixing

Seregon - For helping us beta testing and giving advice with balance and bug fixing

Mohawk - For helping us beta testing and giving advice with balance and bug fixing
- For providing us with sound effect resources
- For providing us with model resources

All loyal fans - for playing the mod and making it big and giving us suggestions keep them coming :)

(If I forgot to mention any body contact me ASAP and you will be added in the list!)

And special thanks to all the other people that supported and helped this mod!
That will all drop a line at our forums (http://forum.cncreneclips.com/index.php?showforum=41) and enjoy the mod.

~SWR Productions

Shockwave (0.95) - User Comments  
The following comments are owned by the user that posted them. Command & Conquer Files is not responsible for their content.

Total comments: 150 | Last comment: 01-16-2015 at 05:08

 #1 - YAY #1 - 12-22-2007 at 12:23
From: (San Diego)
Joined: April 1st, 2007
Posts: 24
Cool #1.

This mod is pure joy


Thank you Shockwave mod team.

 #2 - YAy - 12-22-2007 at 12:41
Joined: July 14th, 2006
Posts: 4
i can't wait to get it big grin

 #3 - 12-22-2007 at 12:44
From: (Tansly)
Joined: June 23rd, 2007
Posts: 244

that bout sums it up 1000/10 at least!

 #4 - 12-22-2007 at 13:06
Joined: June 7th, 2006
Posts: 288
nice. excellent job Two Thumbs Up!

 #5 - 12-22-2007 at 13:22
From: (liverpool)
Joined: December 13th, 2006
Posts: 303

 #6 - O_O - 12-22-2007 at 13:50
Joined: November 14th, 2007
Posts: 33
Holy crap. Leang's superweapon... O_O

10/10 from me, and I haven't even played the whole thing yet...

 #7 - 12-22-2007 at 13:53
From: (poole)
Joined: October 16th, 2005
Posts: 773
OMFG YES!!!!!!



 #8 - 12-22-2007 at 14:18
From: (Nebraska)
Joined: April 4th, 2006
Posts: 146

 #9 - 12-22-2007 at 14:53
From: (Zaandam)
Joined: January 9th, 2006
Posts: 138
I LOVE THIS MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 #10 - 12-22-2007 at 14:58
Joined: November 12th, 2007
Posts: 48
Hoorah baby, Hoorah from the US navy to you!

 #11 - 12-22-2007 at 15:01
From: (Mount Holly)
Joined: June 15th, 2006
Posts: 7
Yes this is AWESOME 10/10
you guys rockRock

 #12 - 12-22-2007 at 15:40
From: (It cant be found on any map)
Joined: October 30th, 2004
Posts: 468
I predict this mod to get even more downloads, in total, than even Reborn 5!

 #13 - 12-22-2007 at 17:13
Joined: June 24th, 2006
Posts: 35
looks like this may be the best mod ever made for the game.

5 Min to download, I don't know if i can wait that long.
3 Min now that i have finished this post.

 #14 - 12-22-2007 at 17:21
Joined: May 23rd, 2006
Posts: 117
freaking awesome Two Thumbs Up!

 #15 - 12-22-2007 at 18:30
From: (Ontario)
Joined: March 15th, 2007
Posts: 158
*re installs generals

 #16 - 12-22-2007 at 20:18
Joined: December 1st, 2006
Posts: 35
cannot say anything ...this mod is so.... cool

 #17 - 12-22-2007 at 20:56
Joined: September 17th, 2007
Posts: 121
hell its about time----waited along time but the mod has great afford to it good job 10/10 Two Thumbs Up!

 #18 - 12-22-2007 at 21:14
From: (Kuala Lumpur)
Joined: August 15th, 2004
Posts: 20
will this be available on Crosus??

 #19 - 12-22-2007 at 21:45
From: (Angeles)
Joined: January 31st, 2007
Posts: 102
Oh crap its out xD YES what ive been waiting for...Shockwave FTW!!Rock

 #20 - OW!!! - 12-22-2007 at 22:13
From: (Bandung)
Joined: December 24th, 2006
Posts: 13
Yehaaaw, thats great!!! I has waiting five month for this

 #21 - 12-22-2007 at 22:45
From: (albany, new york)
Joined: March 17th, 2006
Posts: 296
thats alot of bugs, but the mod is incredible

 #22 - Thanks for teh support guys - 12-22-2007 at 23:19
Joined: September 17th, 2005
Posts: 31
Have a warm and merry xmas from the whole team of Shockwave. Don't forget to drop us a line at out forum.

@ those who are wondering about corsus you can install our mod and the installer and launcher is so good that it wont conflict with corsus. So you can use shockwave alongside corsus but you cant run it within corsus at least for a while

 #23 - 12-23-2007 at 00:01
From: (Beyrouth)
Joined: July 23rd, 2007
Posts: 13

I have only one word for this mod : AWESOMERock

 #24 - 12-23-2007 at 00:09
Joined: November 25th, 2007
Posts: 57
Shockwave is awesome. Download now.

 #25 - 12-23-2007 at 01:40
From: (Nuland)
Joined: January 22nd, 2006
Posts: 5
I do not have any words now...This release is 1 one word: UNDESCRIBEBALBE (mind the english) Downloading NOW!RockBeer! Beer!Two Thumbs Up!

 #26 - 12-23-2007 at 02:23
Joined: March 5th, 2005
Posts: 185
After uninstalling An Act of War feeling disgusted, I see this right before I go to bed...I can only hope this isn't a disappointment as the other 2/3/4 years-in-the-making mod that was An Act of War, which it will be. This truly a surprise, and thanks to all the Shockwave team for it. Early Merry X-mas lol.

 #27 - 12-23-2007 at 02:26
Joined: March 5th, 2005
Posts: 185
I meant this mod will NOT be a disappointment. Little typo I did.

 #28 - 12-23-2007 at 02:28
Joined: May 7th, 2006
Posts: 27
yea finally, have been waiting for this for couple of months
loved 0.93 ^^ keep up the good work guys!Rock

 #29 - 12-23-2007 at 02:40
From: (liverpool)
Joined: December 13th, 2006
Posts: 303
wont work!
the installer keeps freezing and wont respond

 #30 - 12-23-2007 at 04:53
Joined: December 1st, 2006
Posts: 35
#29 Don't worry, its OK. wait for a minutes, then the installer will be finished soon.

 #31 - 12-23-2007 at 08:29
Joined: December 19th, 2007
Posts: 10
shockwave rulez! it looks great.

 #32 - 12-23-2007 at 09:05
Joined: July 15th, 2007
Posts: 114

 #33 - 12-23-2007 at 09:37
Joined: March 14th, 2007
Posts: 582
about time!!!
Two Thumbs Up!

i wonder whats next? will the shocwave team jump into a mod for TW?

 #34 - 12-23-2007 at 09:59
Joined: July 15th, 2007
Posts: 114
my shockwave wont work!!!!!CryCry

when ever i try to boot it up it never comes up the screen just sits there and the only button that works is the exit!!!!! world builder doesnt work either!!!!!Cry

 #35 - 12-23-2007 at 10:30
Joined: July 15th, 2007
Posts: 114
ok nevermind about my last post i managed to fix that problem but now whenever i boot it up it doesnt recognise the diskconfused i can still run version .93 and the normal zero hour but for some reason not .95 someone please help me!!!

 #36 - 12-23-2007 at 11:53
Joined: September 17th, 2005
Posts: 31
please visit our for for technical help. the filefront comment system is really not conducive for trouble shooting.

 #37 - Can't Load the Mod...Need Help Please... - 12-23-2007 at 17:42
Joined: December 23rd, 2007
Posts: 1
Hello. I just DL and installed Shockwave...and when I attempted the play the game, I clicked on the launcher icon on my desktop...the laucher window opened, clicked both, "Lauch", and "Quick Start" and nothing happened. Please assist. Thanks!

 #38 - 12-23-2007 at 18:45
From: (Sydney)
Joined: November 24th, 2006
Posts: 152
#37: Have you installed into the appropriate directory?

 #39 - Possible answers for problems - 12-23-2007 at 18:54
Joined: March 5th, 2005
Posts: 185
Reinstall the game if you have shockwave 0.93. I tried installing 0.95 with 0.93 still on and it never loaded. I even deleted the 0.93 files and it still caused an error. So I just reinstalled Zero Hour, downloaded 1.04 patch and installed 0.95 again and it worked perfectly.

Also when it is installing, it might seem like it's doing nothing when it turns blank and white, but wait a couple minutes and it will eventually install. It did it to me both times I was installing it and thought it had crashed too. But after waiting the "Installation is complete" dialog box popped up and everything ran fine.

I have not received any errors or whatnot while playing the game, and I must say its a damn good and extremely fun mod. Congrats and a Happy Holidays to the Shockwave team!

 #40 - 12-23-2007 at 19:01
Joined: March 5th, 2005
Posts: 185
Also after installing the game, run the 0.95 launcher from the Zero Hour directory. Its default location is:

C:/Program Files/EA Games/Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour

And there should be a launcher named ShockWave. Double click on that and just click launch. Don't double or triple or quadruple click launch. Just click once and wait.

Again, uninstall all previous mods to the game, including 0.93 or there's a high chance errors will ensue. Or reinstalling Zero Hour and applying the 1.04 patch THEN installing 0.95 basically ensures an error free mod.

 #41 - EVERYONE READ - 12-23-2007 at 23:01
Joined: July 29th, 2005
Posts: 1129
everyone stop spaming words or you will be banned for 1 week this is your one and only warning

 #42 - 12-24-2007 at 00:04
Joined: January 21st, 2004
Posts: 131
My god, brilliant work fellows!

This has made my holidays much better! Cheers for the shockwave team! HUSSAR!!! Rock

 #43 - 12-24-2007 at 03:44
From: (It cant be found on any map)
Joined: October 30th, 2004
Posts: 468
This is so good, i will reinstall ZH for it!

 #44 - 12-24-2007 at 05:40
From: (Montreal, Quebec)
Joined: July 25th, 2006
Posts: 181
OMG, i tried it, but my eyes can't believe what they are seeing eek! that's an awesome mod really i was really looking forward to 0,95 and i'm not disapointed big grin

 #45 - Dissapointed... - 12-24-2007 at 06:09
Joined: December 24th, 2007
Posts: 2
I loved the last version, it was complete awesomeness. The units fitted in the game perfectly. It was like and expansion pack to an expansion pack stick out tongue. (Believe it or not). But then comes this, I found it and god, how I was exited. But when I tried it. It, well didn't feel the same. THE and I mean THE biggest downer is the laggyness. I seriously hated that. Especially at cut-scenes at the general challenge campaign where the took 3x more time then it used to. Even on low quality it never worked frown. I was seriously impressed with the new generals, that's a good point. But I wish it had AI support so I could battle them.

Another this is no campaigns. What's up with that? Loved to use new units to try against missions. On the next, PLEASE fix these problems. I loved the units and stuff but these things kept me from what I was expecting.

Thank you.

 #46 - 12-24-2007 at 07:28
From: (ohio)
Joined: March 13th, 2006
Posts: 212
VERY NICE!!!!!! This is definitly number one in my fav mods list, possibly next to contra5, thats amazing. RockRockRock

 #47 - 12-24-2007 at 09:34
Joined: June 30th, 2007
Posts: 69
Love it, rocket buggys hav an annoying habit to outrange practicaly everything but still love it Rock

 #48 - 12-24-2007 at 14:03
From: (Delta Halo)
Joined: May 20th, 2006
Posts: 693
probably should have added "delete the shockwave 0.93 data first" into the installation directions

i didn't know, and installed this right on top, and it wouldn't launch; i go back in, delete the .big file for version .93, and it worked just fine afterwards

 #49 - #30 - 12-24-2007 at 14:51
From: (liverpool)
Joined: December 13th, 2006
Posts: 303
thanx it works now

 #50 - Campain - 12-24-2007 at 16:00
From: (galion, Ohio)
Joined: March 9th, 2007
Posts: 349
Eddy_king The reason theres no campain is so much was changed that it broke most of the scripts in the campain. you can still play it,if you have a save game. looks great still hope next version has AI for new gensRockRockRock10/10

 #51 - Online-Gaming 1on1 anyone? - 12-24-2007 at 16:51
Joined: December 24th, 2007
Posts: 2
I think the 1st units are what can make the game truly imbalanced.

1on1 anyone?
ICQ : 308 413 183
MSN : Markus_ReLaX_Minor@hotmail.de

Contact me....

 #52 - play on macbook, help!? - 12-24-2007 at 21:32
From: (Chicago, IL)
Joined: August 20th, 2006
Posts: 18
hey guys, I have a macbook and I installed other mods on it that were .exe files. This I donwloaded, I was majorly excited, but then, there are not DATA, ART, INI folders like the other ones I downloaded. Now I can't play this until macologist decides to work on a mac patch for the game so it can work on mac. I wanna try the new units soooo bad. I have shockwave .93 on right now!!! I need this mod!!!

 #53 - CnC3 ? - 12-24-2007 at 21:37
From: (Beyrouth)
Joined: July 23rd, 2007
Posts: 13

gr8t mod ! fully workin even as a beta !

guyz ! wats gonna be ur nxt task? moddin for CnC3?
bcos id love 2 see generals zer hour in tiberium wars!

Two Thumbs Up!

 #54 - 12-24-2007 at 23:17
Joined: September 17th, 2005
Posts: 31
we are working on a mac version so hold on to your horses for a while.

 #55 - Yes!!!! - 12-25-2007 at 00:11
From: (Chicago, IL)
Joined: August 20th, 2006
Posts: 18
Thankyou prophet of the pimps. Someone finally gives me a straight answer! I can't wait. Will I have to wait for a loooong time like February or March? Just curious.

 #56 - 12-25-2007 at 00:56
Joined: January 21st, 2004
Posts: 131
I have zero lag - but I play windowed mode - then it becomes ultra fast and smooth (I donno why - I'm not computer savvy)

It did crash sometimes randomly after I win though - which wasn't really annoying (since I already won).

Great stuff still!


 #57 - Hi again! - 12-25-2007 at 01:46
Joined: December 24th, 2007
Posts: 2
Is there any change to get some games against good players?
Or get some games against the balance-team which I think needs to know the strength and weaknesses of every general.
I search for a SW-forum, too to get in contact to people which do play the mod online.
Can anyobody help me?

1on1 anyone?
ICQ : 308 413 183
MSN : Markus_ReLaX_Minor@hotmail.de

gl hf ReLaX

 #58 - 12-25-2007 at 11:17
From: (California)
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I love how this mod still retains the wackiness of command and conquer... ^^



 #59 - 12-26-2007 at 05:09
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Evil downrater: so many units... omfg imbalance, this sucks! this is madness!!!

everyone else: madness? this... IS SHOCKWAVE 0.95!!! Rock

 #60 - It's here! - 12-26-2007 at 06:32
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stop spaming letters or you will be banned

WWHAA HA HA HA! I have it! it's mine, all mine!

YES!!!!!!! Rock
I'm overjoyed! Rock
My best Christmas present yet!Rock lol

 #61 - EVERYONE READ AGAIN - 12-26-2007 at 16:16
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stop spaming letters or you will be banned

 #62 - 12-26-2007 at 19:08
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Attacks are not allowed enjoy your ban

 #63 - 12-26-2007 at 23:25
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you will not attack members on this site banned till the 10th of january

 #64 - 12-27-2007 at 05:06
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not so easy install this mod for me. can you help me pls.

 #65 - OMg <3 - 12-27-2007 at 09:16
From: (Leusden)
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YAY! w00t!

 #66 - cant launch... please help - 12-27-2007 at 22:41
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Posts: 1
cant even launch this mod =[ i get the technical difficulties serious error crap. anyone help me please im dying to play this mod!!!

 #67 - help for the INI fle???? - 12-28-2007 at 02:56
From: (Chicago, IL)
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Am I missing something here. On moddb, they have a non-install file for macs but they only have .big files. Is there an INI file for 0.95? Is that how it's supposed to be. Cause I NEED to edit the artillery ranges. They suck bigtime. It's a good mod but the artillery still shoots from like 500 ft away. Anyway to change that? Please someone help me, I can't live without artillery!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 #68 - YES - 12-28-2007 at 09:54
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this mod is AWESOME!!! I hope they make one for TW.......

 #69 - add more money? - 12-28-2007 at 13:40
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Great Work on the mod just wondering how to start with 1,000,000 instead of 50,000
theres no ini files so i dont no what to do.

 #70 - Best mod - 12-28-2007 at 14:18
From: (chicago, illinois)
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It's been 3 years since I've been here, but today I just saw all these comments praising what could be the best mod (better than zh reborn) ever for zh. After trying it out, the opening scene was incredible. The features added to the game was incredible. it made me smile smile I haven't tried everything yet so this is gonna take awhile.

anyways to #67:
The file you're looking for is 0SW95.gib (.GIB is spelled backwards for .BIG). Get a BIG extractor. click open and click "All files" in the files of type so you can select 0SW95.gib. search for weapon.ini. Extract it to the DataINI folder. open the ini file and then change the value for the artillery's range. AttackRange = xxx

To #69:
Do the same method as above. Find Multiplayer.ini. extract it to the INI folder like above. open it and scroll all the way down. you will see something like this

Value = 50000

Either replace the number value or create a new line by copying that and pasting it again. You'll see a pattern.

Want to try out all the special powers? Extract Rank.ini. change the values for SciencePurchasePointsGranted = x (I put 5 for all of them total 25)

There's one thing I didn't like about the mammoth tanks. they can't shoot air units XD. I thought they were famous for that too besides the heavy double-barreled cannons. oh well I'll modify it to my liking. I also changed the Tank Destroyer's voice to the one in YR.

Great job on the mod guysTwo Thumbs Up!

 #71 - 12-28-2007 at 16:04
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thanks for the reply i got it now thanks
always better with more money

 #72 - 12-28-2007 at 20:08
From: (Port of Spain)
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Posts: 154


 #73 - help!! for mac version - 12-28-2007 at 21:49
From: (Chicago, IL)
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Does anyone here know where i can get a .BIG file extractor and all that good stuff for my mac. Thanks. I NEED to edit some stuff.

 #74 - 12-28-2007 at 22:57
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edited by dosegt4

melted your triple post into 1

what should i edit to be able to get 2 soldiers in a pillbox instead of only 1?

i was editing the commandset.ini and i noticed that theres more than a couple secret units that were fully equiped to fight also USA concrete wall that really helps when fighting numerous hard AI

 #75 - Hidden Units - 12-29-2007 at 07:32
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i was editing the commandset.ini and i noticed that theres more than a couple secret units that were fully equiped to fight also USA concrete wall that really helps when fighting numerous hard AI

 #76 - 12-31-2007 at 07:50
From: (Kuressaare)
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i like the combat chinook big grin it has a cool music on it big grin

 #77 - Answer for the Macs. - 01-01-2008 at 09:11
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Hey hows it going.

For starters Shockwave this is possibly your best accomplishment since 0.93, so 100/10Rock If only I could do that but anyway for all Mac. users if your looking for the Mac. download of .95 check either the filefront download data base or go to moddb.com and you'll find it instantly. Anyway once again thx to the Shockwave teamTwo Thumbs Up! and happy 2008 evryoneRock

Righty out.

 #78 - 01-01-2008 at 15:05
From: (Leigh on Sea)
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Immensly exited about this, but I just hope it doesnt say 'You have encountered a serious error' Cos thats the crap I got on 0.93... Still, if it does, I'll ask the guys at the mod, and see if it works. Also, one last thing, is it compatible with Windows Vista? Cos I have it and I really hope it works, not so sure though...

 #79 - 01-01-2008 at 17:24
From: (Port of Spain)
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the only downside to this mod is that the new Generals dont do anything in Skirmish they just stand there an dont do anything but all in all great mod

 #80 - game crashes when you minimize - 01-01-2008 at 22:29
From: (chicago, illinois)
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yeah, this is absolute. It crashes when you try to minimize the game. Ingame definitely.

 #81 - 01-02-2008 at 13:57
From: (Riga)
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Darn, i cant beat Juhziz. He rushes too fast and too much compared to other generals. Whether you battle against him first, or middle, or last. That angers me. mad

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 #82 - Cannot Create File ?? - 01-03-2008 at 11:05
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Hi everyone,

Can anybody help me, all i get is this when i try and install,

Cannot create the following file :

Cstick out tonguerogram filesE A gamescommand & Conquer Generals Zero HourzDatamoviescomp_armourGen_000.$$A

Then i have to exit the program. im gutted. i really want to play this smile. it looks great.

thanks people smile

 #83 - Still technical difficulties error after reinstall of zero hour. - 01-03-2008 at 20:28
From: (Victoria, Melbourne)
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The darn thing is STILL giving me the technical difficulties error. (I hate how it says "You have encountered a serious error!" without telling you what the heck the error is. Come on EA, we can tell it's an error by just looking at it.)

Yea. I reinstalled zero hour and installed the mod several times, it's still not working.

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 #84 - 01-04-2008 at 04:34
From: (Ebeltoft)
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This is such an awesome mod with ultimate evil stuff which will PWND anyone who try to get close with a giant BOOOM!!! its impossible to die.

 #85 - 01-04-2008 at 18:59
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Posts: 2
No. 33
"about time!!!

i wonder whats next? will the shocwave team jump into a mod for TW?
I think that the SW team has a few TW mods. Unfortunaly they are still in development, and there isnt even a public beta yet.
ThIs MoD PwNs AlL! Long live Shockwave!

 #86 - it wont work - 01-06-2008 at 23:59
From: (Kosovo)
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Posts: 34
when i start shockwave it pops the screen whith start options i click start game but it loads endlesly and it wont start. when i checked in windows task manager it says generals zero hour not responding, but shokcwave responds, only the game wont. i have patched the game to v1.4, and installed shockwave to the appropriate directory but the same problem. please help.

 #87 - why? - 01-19-2008 at 11:58
From: (pnwz)
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Posts: 5
when i launch this mop and a screen pops up then pops up another screen it says "you have encountered serious error. what do i do then?

 #88 - 01-21-2008 at 22:51
From: (Chicago, Illinois)
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You run worldbuilder, check for problems, and then post what you got on the Shockwave forum.

 #89 - 01-22-2008 at 07:40
From: (pnwz)
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Posts: 5
how do i check

 #90 - 01-22-2008 at 12:02
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make sure you placed it into the right file. Are you usimg Zero Hour or First Decade to run the mod?

 #91 - 01-22-2008 at 12:21
From: (pnwz)
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Posts: 5
edited by dosegt4
melted and fixed your spelling

i instailed it to generals ZH

someone who can help my skype is jurate-30 and if u don't have skype chat in here i will check every 10 mins help please

 #92 - you have encountered serious error. problem what now - 01-22-2008 at 19:14
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Posts: 1
hi i am new to this site and just downloaded shockwave and it gives me the you have encountered serious error message when i click launch in the menu. do you have to run Zero hour or generals in the backround? also i have renstaled both and made sure they were in the same file path please help me i would really like to play this game!!!

edited by dosegt4

fixed your spelling and this is a site not a fourm

 #93 - This... - 01-27-2008 at 08:44
From: (Liverpool)
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Posts: 36
...is the BEST generals mod out there! DOWNLOAD IT!

and at #92, do you have any other mods for ZH installed? if so, delete them. it works, trust me.

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metled your posts into one

 #94 - 01-27-2008 at 08:56
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Posts: 10
120% Satisfaction

This mod is awesome because it adds the diversity that the game makers should have created.

 #95 - 01-28-2008 at 06:19
Joined: January 28th, 2008
Posts: 3
gr8 mod, but i get no sound, any one knw why?
the orginal works but when i install mod and run game theres no sound.
and i'm using a fresh copy of ZH

gangsta_zaim_2006@hotmail.co.uk < add me if u can help plz

i woulda ppreacite it


 #96 - Shockwave WOW - 02-04-2008 at 11:01
From: (coventry)
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Posts: 4
To The Shockwave Modders thank you for spicing zero hour for me you get 10/10
Keep up the good work


 #97 - nice game - 02-08-2008 at 01:46
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Posts: 3
nice game smile

 #98 - 02-08-2008 at 18:27
From: (vivian Louisiana)
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Posts: 1
the best game ever

 #99 - Bugs - 02-09-2008 at 15:41
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Posts: 49
Units aren't very obedient. You order them to fire/attack a target, they go off and do something else. Especially annoying with long range weapons like the Nuke Cannon and executing a plan only to have the units themselves screw it up. Also guarding an area, randomly units tend to just "take off" by themselves right into an entire base to get killed. Way passed the guarding area. This also happens when the enemy retreats and they chase them all the way back into the base. I've mostly noticed this with the Nuke general. Remember, it does this entirely on it's own AGAINST my command. Even sending a group of units to an area, 1 "suddenly" wants to go the other way and creates a traffic jam while I'm tending to other points of defence or whatever and wonder why it's taking so long for my units to even get there.

Also, facing the Tank general challenge, sometimes the bomber planes he calls on me magically appear out of thin air right above my command center and takes out half of my base or drops mines.

Also on your Lone Star State map. Playing as GLA's Boss general Death Strike. ALL of my units decided to stop moving all together. I issue commands to move and nothing would go. Tanks, people, anything. It was working fine at first, but about 20 minutes or so into it after I've built my super weapons, it happened. I haven't used that general on that map since.

Hope this helps with fixing.

 #100 - :cool: - 02-10-2008 at 22:39
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Posts: 3
Rock :thumdsup cool

 #101 - :cool: - 02-10-2008 at 22:39
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Posts: 3
Rock :thumdsup: cool

 #102 - Sorry. - 02-12-2008 at 01:41
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Posts: 2
I thought out the laggy problem, then realized how kick butt this mod really is. Good job!

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 #103 - help me - 02-12-2008 at 09:52
From: (Leusden)
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Posts: 541
i keep getting technical difficulties. i reinstalled zero hour, reinstalled shockwave 4 times, but it still does not work =S im using the First Decade version of Zero Hour.

 #104 - oops forgotten - 02-12-2008 at 09:53
From: (Leusden)
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Posts: 541
i have removed all mods before installing.

 #105 - SOLUTION TO THE TECHNICAL ERROR THINGS - 02-13-2008 at 08:38
From: (Leusden)
Joined: September 30th, 2005
Posts: 541
i just found it out!

1. completely deinstall generals and zero hour.
2. go to the folder where your zero hour folder was located before.
3. if you see any folders saying generals zero hour, delete them together with all contents. these contents are things that werent originally installed, and caused shockwave to crash.
4. reinstall zero hour.
5. reinstall shockwave
6. launch shockwave.

your done!

now for my opinions on this mod: WOWZERS t3h 0v3rk177! awesome mod! though i found a little thing, the Katyusha was very underpowered. it costs 1500$, and my opponent could repair his building fully when i was shooting with one Katyusha. even rocket buggies do more damage! they should be alot more powerful in my opinion, maybe 1,5-2 times as much fire power.

 #106 - 02-20-2008 at 12:23
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Posts: 110
this is the best modification of ZH on the web in my opinion

 #107 - Pls help me i can't patch the Zero Houre ver to 1.4 Pls help - 03-10-2008 at 04:54
From: (Manila)
Joined: November 2nd, 2004
Posts: 3
RockRock can some one help me reg the patch i down load the patch that was instructed at the mod on the doc but it keep saying that the file was missing or old that do i need to install the path so i can play shock wave
this is what i do to install the generals up 2 the zerohour

1 install generals
2 install zerohour
3 install the pach as on the link on doc
4 install the shock wave
i try it 3 time still the ver of the general zerohour is ver 1.0 plsssssss help thks
can some one help me pls email me at omegared@uscx.net thkssss

 #108 - B0w tO sH0cW@v3 - 03-16-2008 at 00:43
Joined: August 17th, 2005
Posts: 19
eh my leet sucks but this mod just by looking at the screenshots and readme i can tell this is an awesome mod 9.5/10 from me (with the .5 being its huge size and my poor dial-up) still THE SHOCKWAVE TEAM HAS DONE IT AGAIN!!! Rock Rock YOU WILL DOWNLOAD THIS and have some beer Beer! Beer!

 #109 - the H0RR0R - 03-16-2008 at 00:47
Joined: August 17th, 2005
Posts: 19
eh excuse the double post but every time i try to use flashget to download this i get an error with a strange jumble of letters and numbers (Sun Mar 16 02:56:32 2008 ޾վ!) anyone know what that means *no ('s in the real error*

 #110 - I MADE IT WORK! BUT... - 03-18-2008 at 16:51
From: (meycauayan)
Joined: March 18th, 2008
Posts: 2
The AIs in my official maps aren't working in shockwave. What should I do???

 #111 - Shockwawe 0.96 ? - 03-26-2008 at 11:35
From: (Stara Zagora)
Joined: July 10th, 2007
Posts: 36
Shockwave is the best mod and I cant wait for other new !

 #112 - OMG WTF - 04-02-2008 at 06:23
Joined: July 26th, 2007
Posts: 9
it wont install it gets to 9% and doent respond iv tryed downloading it of about 7 other websites and it wont work help me cos i really want to play it

 #113 - OMG!!! - 04-19-2008 at 22:32
From: (ohio)
Joined: April 19th, 2008
Posts: 2
THIS MOD IS AWESOME!!!!! i played ur guy's other mods and have been the best out of all i played keep it up!! Two Thumbs Up! Rock Pimp!

 #114 - help for the people.... - 04-19-2008 at 22:36
From: (ohio)
Joined: April 19th, 2008
Posts: 2
i have cnc x and couldnt get it to work, was getting seriouse error and getting the msg for the 1.04 patch where it couldnt find original...well i got a patch for cnc x specially and now it works fine.......the patch was on fileshack(dot)com. hope i helped smile

 #115 - 05-05-2008 at 12:39
Joined: May 5th, 2008
Posts: 7
what. the exe. file of it. everytime i try to reinstall it. it shows it has a trojan horse.

 #116 - 05-05-2008 at 12:45
Joined: May 5th, 2008
Posts: 7
Aaargh!!! i can't play the normal zero hours. becuase now when i try to play zero hour i get shockwave. !!!!!
i want to play the campains again.

 #117 - 05-05-2008 at 12:48
Joined: May 5th, 2008
Posts: 7
But. i loved it. however the Gla ai. was too easy for medium.
they never upgraded. that is not fun!!!

 #118 - 05-17-2008 at 07:21
Joined: May 5th, 2008
Posts: 7
whoops sorry about that last comment.

the ai is good. but the china ai. doesn't build many defences.

on next verson in the general campain, replace demo with infertarty general.

 #119 - 05-17-2008 at 07:25
Joined: May 5th, 2008
Posts: 7
the Katyusha isn't under powered. it is a barrage unit.
get about 5 of them. and then u can do some nasty damage.
of course the napalm barrage unit in groups= nothing can live under 100 napalm missles.

 #120 - nice work. - 06-02-2008 at 05:22
From: (florida)
Joined: June 2nd, 2008
Posts: 3
wow, i love this mod! keep up the good work!

 #121 - 07-12-2008 at 19:25
Joined: July 5th, 2008
Posts: 465
OMG this mod is awesome it's not even downloaded yet.
No, but this looks kewl. I get to yell BOOM more now.

 #122 - the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 07-15-2008 at 10:44
From: (christensted)
Joined: July 15th, 2008
Posts: 1
the best game ever

 #123 - Chinese airplanes - 07-28-2008 at 23:12
From: (Stara Zagora)
Joined: July 10th, 2007
Posts: 36
mm... I dont like chinese airplanes. I mean I dont like the skins for them . I think some real planes will be good in this mod Rock

 #124 - 08-27-2008 at 03:39
From: (Morpeth)
Joined: May 13th, 2007
Posts: 242
demolition is my favourite ai to go against ther pretty hard smile

 #125 - Error - 09-03-2008 at 09:35
Joined: January 28th, 2008
Posts: 3
hi, when i try to run the game i get the "you have encountered a serious error"
OS-Vista, original works, the Contra Mod works too, jus this one doesnt,

any ideas?


 #126 - no AI - 09-12-2008 at 14:40
Joined: September 5th, 2008
Posts: 5
THERE'S NO AI!!!!!!!!!

 #127 - 09-25-2008 at 13:09
From: (Toronto)
Joined: May 17th, 2007
Posts: 261
This mod has to be the most well and professionally done mod I've ever played. Gratz to the team, my only complaints are the overpowered Infantry rush for the said general, and i can't seem to beat General Juhziz in Challenge mode. Maybe i just suck, or maybe i'm demoralized by his excess use of the super annoying Topol M's XD.

 #128 - hey guys a question for the mac version - 09-29-2008 at 11:01
From: (Chicago, IL)
Joined: August 20th, 2006
Posts: 18
I have this program called crossover for mac that allows me to open exe files on a mac and i got FinalBIG. I edit shockwave95.big and I save everything that I edited but then when I am playing the game every unit is not edited. I think I am not saving the BIG file after I edit it but I go back to the file, and everything is edited but the units don't have the ranges that I allowed them to have, the rank wouldn't go up as I told it to, there weren't different starting money choices as I put in Please help

 #129 - does anyone look at these forums on here anymore? - 10-08-2008 at 11:32
From: (Chicago, IL)
Joined: August 20th, 2006
Posts: 18
Nevermind about the last question....I got that. I modded everything in this mod but I was just wondering. How to I go and make the nuclear missile stronger, scud storm stronger. etc.... I need to know which file to go into to make the special weapons and explosions last longer for the superweapons. The Nuclear Missile just looks amazing in this mod but I feel that the explosion is too little. I would really appreciate it if somebody told me which file to go into to mod this. Thankyou for your help

And one other thing. Whoever first made the shockwave series mods are amazing! I love this series. It is the best thing ever. It runs amazing on my 24 inch iMac. I love this mod

 #130 - thank you - 12-01-2008 at 10:08
Joined: December 1st, 2008
Posts: 1
thax for this patch

 #131 - thank u - 12-04-2008 at 20:59
Joined: December 4th, 2008
Posts: 1
wait for download

 #132 - 12-15-2008 at 09:53
Joined: December 5th, 2008
Posts: 1
Command and Conquer Generals

 #133 - thank u - 01-13-2009 at 08:30
From: (jeruslaem)
Joined: January 13th, 2009
Posts: 1
thank u for this game thanx

 #134 - this game is the best and the site too - 01-27-2009 at 07:50
Joined: January 24th, 2009
Posts: 1
i love this game

 #135 - 02-01-2009 at 07:19
Joined: December 23rd, 2008
Posts: 30
wow lots of comment and one of the best mod i play in zero hour..

 #136 - Editing Ranges - 04-08-2009 at 13:31
Joined: April 8th, 2009
Posts: 1
Okkayy so I wanted to edit Artillery Ranges.. so I downloaded a .big file editor called "FinalBig.36" and opened it up. looked through the fies found the osw95.gib file and opened it, went to the Data/INI/weapons.ini folder and opened it... then found the ranges for the artillery weapons and changed them... everything worked pefect, until I tried to save, the whole .Big editing porgram just locks up, I cant figure out how to keep it from doing that so yeeaaaa... heeelp? :SCry

 #137 - Start problems - 04-26-2009 at 05:10
Joined: September 5th, 2008
Posts: 5
the problem that i'm having is that sometimes when I push the launch button on the menu, it doesn't start.

 #138 - 05-29-2009 at 08:50
From: (Morpeth)
Joined: May 13th, 2007
Posts: 242
i love this mod in my top 3 for generals someday ill come back to generals and play this again awesome mod if u wud make another patch or something it would be a big hit on CnC files cuz its such an awesome mod smile

 #139 - DEMO... hurts - 07-10-2009 at 14:32
From: (albany, new york)
Joined: March 17th, 2006
Posts: 296
the DEMO general kicks the ***** out of me on easy mode... with every general

 #140 - THe ai is bad and worse - 07-12-2009 at 18:39
Joined: September 28th, 2007
Posts: 161
The vanila ai is more menancing when 3vs1 than in this game.I felt like i was playing with easy when playing this.

Secondly,the baikonur missle is meant to be a huge anthrax bomb,where is the anthax? The patch is too small.

I like the new nuke explosion effect,although Contra does better with the nukes.
lastly,I hate the new weapon sounds.They are too noisy to be considered ok

I cant hear anything except those gat guns whey they fire or when i nuke with migs.
All in all,medicore mod.Not enough attention for detail.

 #141 - hiiii - 07-16-2009 at 16:47
Joined: July 16th, 2009
Posts: 1
that's v gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodd

 #142 - Anything Next?? - 08-14-2009 at 02:40
Joined: April 7th, 2008
Posts: 7
hey, is there anything next after this mod??
I sure have enjoyed it.
However, I'm starting to get bored already.

 #143 - 08-16-2009 at 13:03
Joined: August 16th, 2009
Posts: 1
I've been having problems with this mod. Every time I try to load it, it crashes, and when I check to see what's wrong all I get is this: Release Crash at Sun Aug 16 14:58:36 2009
; Reason Uncaught Exception in GameEngine::update

Last error:

Current stack:
I've uninstalled/reinstalled generals and zero hour patched them both, and still it won't work. Also I edited some things in weapon, superweapon, rank, and upgrade inis.

 #144 - 08-19-2009 at 07:28
Joined: August 19th, 2009
Posts: 1
thank youuuuuuu

 #145 - v0.951 patch - 08-28-2009 at 20:06
Joined: July 20th, 2007
Posts: 138
Go "http://www.moddb.com/mods/cc-shockwave/downloads" for new patch for mod!

 #146 - Lag on medium difficulty level - 02-25-2010 at 06:33
Joined: April 15th, 2007
Posts: 7
I have Shockwave 0.95 and 0.951 patch and zero hour 1.04! when I play on company town map against 5 easy AIs everything works fine, no lag, but if I play against 1 Ai after 5-10 min the game starts to lag big time even on the lowest video settings. My computer can run Zero Hour on max whin no problem and I don't get it, why om easy work fine and on medium big lag. I also noticed that might have something to do with the Ai using artillery units like the tomahawk launcher or the rocket buggy! Any ideas or at least how can i stop the Ai from building artillery units to test if that's the problem?

PS: Allready reinstaled the game and mod twice

 #147 - 02-25-2010 at 06:35
Joined: April 15th, 2007
Posts: 7
PPS: Cant post on Shockwave forum, I'm still waiting for confimation of my account

 #148 - 02-25-2010 at 08:09
Joined: April 15th, 2007
Posts: 7
I ment to say if I play against 1 medium AI the game starts to lag

 #149 - help!!!! - 07-10-2010 at 13:13
Joined: July 10th, 2010
Posts: 1
when i lunch the game :thechnical difficulties..why??

 #150 - http://www.farandula2005.com/estils/uggN7dA152.html - 01-16-2015 at 05:08
Joined: January 4th, 2010
Posts: 1212
as well I think it would be adequate to call Alex a silent superhero.by isiah mustafaThe Offseasoncoach |Ugg http://www.farandula2005.com/estils/uggN7dA152.html|

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