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Rise of the Reds (1.5)
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Unknown / Anonymous
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Rise of the Reds (1.5) - File Description  

The latest mod released by SWR Prodcutions. Rise of the Reds unleashes new content for ROTR 1.5 to set up the foundation of what the game will be like for the last version Rise of the Reds 2.0.

This version includes the new Tech Building tier system as well as some General specific unit's unveiled for your enjoyment for this version. Be Warned! The factions as they are now will no longer resemble what they once were in the next version as we finally move units, structures, upgrades and all to their respective Generals for the last and final version of Rise of the Reds 2.0.

Enjoy 1.5 and all it's goodness!

Rise of the Reds (1.5) - Screenshots  
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Rise of the Reds (1.5) - File Download Options  

Primary Download Locations:
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usa - USA Central USA Central

Download from Worldwide Mirror by FileFront Download Rise of the Reds!

Rise of the Reds (1.5) - Readme  
Readme File:
********** Command & Conquer Generals: Rise of the Reds Beta Release 1.5 *********

*****Introduction and Features*****

Hello and thank you for downloading Rise of the Reds 1.5
This is our second release of Rise of the Red we have brought you alot of new vissual goodies aswell as new units and
upgrades and other gameplay improvements.

*****List of Content in this Package*****

ROTR_Beta_15.exe - Installation file
Readme.txt - The file your reading right now

*****Installing, Uninstalling and playing the Mod*****

Below is a step by step instruction on how to install ROTR Properly onto your zero hour installation.

-Double click on the ROTR_Beta EXE file in this archive a installation procedure should begin
-Follow the instructions carefully in the installation and make sure you have patched your ZH installation to the latest version (1.04)

Below is a step by step instruction on how to uninstall ROTR Properly.

-Go to your start menu.
-In the programs area look for a folder called ROTR Public Beta
-Click on the uninstall ROTR Beta icon and rise of the reds will begin uninstalling the mod

***Playing the Mod***
Below is a step by step instruction on how to play the mod.

-Go to your start menu.
-In the programs area look for a folder called ROTR Public Beta
-Click on any of the Start ROTR icons there are 2 different ones one which starts the game in a window and one full screen you may pick either one of these.

*****Changes Since Version 1.0*****

We have added alot of new content and changes since our previous version here is a completly compiled list of all of them.

****Bug Fixes****

-Fixed Issue Where Inferno cannons would get their range reduced after Black Napalm
-Fixed Issue Where occasionaly a Surveillance Missile would "miss" the target and travel halfway across the map
-Fixed Issue Where ECM Tanks attempted to attack air targets with their jammer abillity weapon
-Fixed Issue Where Players could cancel building constructions just before finnishing them and get a total refund and free structure
-Fixed Issue Where Conscripts with IR Goggles would prevent a dozer from building in that area
-Fixed Issue Where Nighthawks had flash bang effects when clearing a building
-Fixed Issue where Stationary Kodiaks and Sentinels had rotating treads on the shellmap
-Fixed Issue Where gattling tanks would push the sandbags into the defending conscripts on the shellmap
-Fixed Issue Where a enter building sound could be heard multiple times at the start of the shellmap
-Fixed Issue Where Gattling Tanks would attempt to crush russian infantry behind the sandbags on the shellmap

****Maps Added/Removed****

-Added New 2 Player map Forgoten Freedom
-Added New 2 Player map Harbor 3
-Added New 4 Player Map Tournament Park
-Added New 5 Player Map Supply Lines
-Added New 6 Player Map Lone Star State

-Removed Map Dockwar
-Removed Map Kampf Um Karls Ruhe
-Removed Map Swampwood

****Comon Changes/Additions****

-Added New Win/Lose images
-Added New Waterfall objects to make waterfalls in custom maps
-Added New Geyser objects to add natural geyser in custom maps
-Added New custom civilian tank Traps in a concrete and metal varriant
-Added New custom civilian ammo stockpiles as alternative to exploding barrels

-Modified Shellmap The landed Werewolf at the defence line now has landing gear and slowly rotating rotors
-Modified Shellmap It now uses custom made tank traps
-Modified Shellmap the russian backdoor defence now has a rubble bunker to help defending
-Modified Shellmap the russian backdoor defence sandbags no longer get destroy by artillery
-Modified Shellmap russian infantry no longer give each other bonuses when killed on the shellmap
-Modified Shellmap Chinese camp it now has several ammo stockpiles to make the camp destroy itself faster
-Modified Shellmap the backdoor barracks defence now has a rubble bunker added to the defence line
-Modified all generals power aircraft none of them reveal shroud now (The direct area around the targeted location is still revealed as previously)
-Modified Locomotors for all buildable vehicles to react more realisticly to acceleration, deacceleration and recoil

-Removed "Captured Screen" message when taking screenshots

****USA Changes****

-Added New Detention Camp for USA
-Addew New Sentry Drone Model & Cameo
-Added New Ammo Dump Generals Power for America
-Added New Spectre Gunship Model
-Added New Armor Reserves 3 Star Generals power
-Added New Crusader Model & Cameo
-Added New Paladin Model & Cameo
-Added New Firebase Howitzer Gun Upgrade (it now starts without a cannon)
-Added New Tomahawk Model + Cameo
-Added New Tomahawk long cruise mode (weapon switch)
-Added New Blackhawk Helicopter for America
-Added New Nighthawk Model + Cameo
-Added New Raptor Ammo Upgrade (increases payload from 2 to 4)
-Added New Osprey Transport (replaces chinook)
-Added New Raptor Model & Cameo

-Modified American Tech tree it now it now needs a Detention Camp for most basic units and structures and a Strategy Center for the advanced tech
-Modified Firebase it now starts out without a gun
-Modified Firebase it now has 7% less range
-Modified Firebase it now has a 50% larger deadzone
-Modified Firebase Reload time increased from 2700 miliseconds to 3000
-Modified Firebase costs decreased from 1000 to 800
-Modified Firebase Buildtime decreased from 25 seconds to 20
-Modified Nighthawk it now does 25% less damage
-Modified Nighthawk Bomb projectile it now uses the same model as a carpet bomber bomb
-Modified Nighthawk Bomb projectile it changes art to a new bomb after the Bunker Buster upgrade
-Modified Nighthawk it now uses a model based laser that shows droping a bomb instead of a dummy weapon
-Modified Raptor it now uses a model based laser that shows when firing laser guided missiles instead of a dummy weapon
-Modified Raptor it now starts with 2 missiles
-Modified Raptor it's missiles now do 100% more damage by default (restoring the old value)
-Modified Bunker Buster Upgrade it now increases the damage of the bomb by 25%
-Modified Bunker Buster Upgrade it no longer clears out chinese bunkers
-Modified Targeteer drone it no longer shoots a laser targeting beam
-Modified Targeteer drone it now provides a permanent 25% rate of fire boost to the parent vehicle
-Modified Sentry Drone costs to 400 (was 500)
-Modified Sentry Drone Health reduced by 50%
-Modified Sentry Drone it now fires it's gun at a constant rate and not bursts
-Modified Sentry Drone it now inflicts 20% less damage as before
-Modified Sentry Drone it now fires it's gun it now uses GATTLING damage instead of SMALL_ARMS
-Modified Humvee health increased by 20%
-Modified Chaparral It now has active lights shown on night maps
-Modified Laser Lock for missile defenders it's now a switchable function
-Modified Laser Lock it will no longer work as a support wepon for other missile defenders
-Modified Laser Lock it will now fire much more damaging missiles after a short delay
-Modified Pathfinders costs to 900 (Was 600)
-Modified Crusader it can now switch between tracked and hover propulsion
-Modified Protector Missile Systems they now have a small deadzone on ground targets
-Modified Flashbang it once again requires a upgrade from the barracks

-Removed Crusader Sabot Shells

****China Changes****

-Added New Breeder Reactor for China
-Added New Patriotism upgrade for China (reduces cost of infantry by 20%)
-Added New Flame Thrower upgrade for the Han Gunship
-Added New Cash hack 3 Star Generals power (same as the level 2 cash hack requires only one point)
-Added New Modified Battle Master Model & Cameo
-Added New Distant explosion sound for nucler missile explosions (chinese super weapon)
-Added New Rifle Grenade Upgrade for Redguards (allows them to clear garrisoned buildings)
-Added New Nuke Cannon EMP Shells
-Added New Nuke Cannon Model & Cameo
-Added New Battle Master Model & Cameo
-Added New Overlord Model & Cameo
-Added New Chinese Bunker Model & Cameo
-Added New Gattling Cannon Model & Cameo

-Modified Chinese Tech tree it now it now needs a propaganda center for most basic units and structures and a breeder reactor for the advanced tech
-Modified Chinese AI Scripts they will now use all new additions and weapons added in ROTR
-Modified Overlord it now has a unique damage impact sounds when hit by enemy weapons
-Modified Overlord it now gains a visual upgrade when Nuclear Reactors or Depleted Uranium Shells are researched
-Modified Battle Master it now gains a visual upgrade when Nuclear Reactors or Depleted Uranium Shells are researched
-Modified Battle Master It now has active lights shown on night maps
-Modified Nuke Cannon it will now auto fire on enemy targets within range
-Modified Nuke Cannon it can now be set in hold fire mode
-Modified Nuke Cannon it now only needs 2 seconds to deploy (was 3)
-Modified Nuke Cannon costs to 2000 (was 1600)
-Modified Nuke Cannon Outer blast radius increased by 33%
-Modified Nuke Cannon Outer blast damage increased by 300%
-Modified Nuke Cannon Radiation field radius increased by 33%
-Modified Nuke Cannon Shell Detonation it is now much larger and displays a actual mushroom explosion
-Modified Gattling Cannon it now required more shots to spin up to the maximum rate of fire (only affect pre chaingun upgraded cannons)
-Modified Gattling Cannon it rate of fire increased from 240 miliseconds to 360 (only affect pre chaingun upgraded cannons)
-Modified Gattling Tank it now required more shots to spin up to the maximum rate of fire (only affect pre chaingun upgraded Tanks)
-Modified Gattling Tank it rate of fire after the chaingun upgrade increased from 400 miliseconds to 300
-Modified ECM Bomb power it now makes anti air units target the flares randomly for a short peroid
-Modified ECM Tank it's jammer ability will now slowly shutdown enemy vehicles within the target area
-Modified Inferno Cannon It now has active lights shown on night maps
-Modified Troop Crawler It now has active lights shown on night maps

****Russia Changes****

-Added New Weapons Bunker for Russia
-Added New Shmell Rocket Upgrade for RPG Conscripts (allows them to clear garrisoned buildings)
-Added New RPG VDV Soldier to the VDV Drop
-Added New Russian barracks Model & cameo
-Added New Sentinel Model & Cameo
-Added New TU 160 Blackjack Skin
-Added New VVS Fighter Support 1 Star Generals power (unlocks airfields)
-Added New Russian Helipad (all russian helicopters are build and repaired here)
-Added New Blackout Node 5 Star Generals power
-Added New Unique Turret Rotation Sound for the Sentinel
-Added New Werewolf Model & Cameo

-Modified Russian Tech tree it now it now needs a Weapons Bunker for most basic units and structures and a Industrial Plant for the advanced tech
-Modified Shock Trooper their projectiles are no longer affected by ECM
-Modified Shock Trooper their projectiles are no longer targeted by point defence laser
-Modified Shock Trooper Electric Weapon infantry will now die with the tesla death from this weapon
-Modified Sentinel it now has a unique damage impact sounds when hit by enemy weapons
-Modified Russian Targeting Satellite it now has a small satelite icon above the actual scan object to indicate the owner of the scan power
-Modified Russian Targeting Satellite it can now be moved from it's original location
-Modified Conscript paradrop they are now paradropped by a MI26 Cargo Helicopter
-Modified BMP it is now affected by the ERA Upgrade
-Modified BMP & BMD autocannon it now fires in bursts rather than at a constant rate
-Modified VDV Drop the BDM Vehicles are now dropped much closer to the actual drop zone
-Modified VDV Soldier they now do GATTLING damage instead of SMALL_ARMS
-Modified Surveillance Missile it can no longer be shoot by point defence lasers
-Modified Surveillance Missile it can now be engaged and destroyed by any AA weapon
-Modified Kashtan Ground Weapon damage decreased by 25%
-Modified Kodiak MG it's now a seperated turret that works the same as a overlord gattling cannon
-Modified Golem it now has a small MG turret like the Kodiak
-Modified Rubble Bunker it will now fire on it's own and spawn 2 conscripts on destruction rather than acting as am firebase
-Modified Rubble Bunker Detonation button it will now kill the bunker instead of "sell" it
-Modified Russian Dozer It now has active lights shown on night maps
-Modified Russian Airfield it now requires a 1 star unlock
-Modified Russian Airfield it now only has place for 3 aircraft
-Modified Russian Airfield it now has 3 runways instead of 2
-Modified Russian Airfield it now has a new unique model
-Modified Russian Helipad it now has a unique selection sound

-Removed Helicopter production from Russian airfield
-Removed Werewolf generals power unlock
-Removed Satellite Blackout


For those of you who are new to ROTR here is a nice list of it's main features and gameplay changes compared to the original Zerohour Game.

New Faction: Russian Federation.
Fight the Russian Federation. A nation whose history has been beset by betrayal, upheaval and economic strife. In Rise of the Reds
the Russians will have some of the most expensive and powerful vehicles in the game. Infantry are cheaply trained and are
most effective in numbers, their versatility with their own specializations will help you and your forces to march onward to a
great victory! Upgrades are plentiful and will substantially reduce costs and increase firepower for your units and aircraft.
Close helicopter support and aircraft are available, while hard to utilise fully they are invaluable in your effort to control the

Use your tools wisely Commander, for if they are used correctly, a Russian player can and will streamroll any opponent no matter who
they may be.

Updated Factions: USA and China.
These 2 factions have been given new units, upgrades and gameplay tweaks to better prepare them for a battle with the Russian and
European foes (ECA and GLA will not be available for this initial release). New units like the Chinese Twin-Fang and AH6 Little
Bird will substantially enhance the gameplay elements for these factions. There are more units and upgrades to explore, learn
them and use them against your foes!

New Tier Based Techtree.
As of Version 1.5 we have added a new tech tree structure for all factions in which you have a primary and secondary "tech" structure
such as the Weapons Bunker (russia) and Detention Camp (USA) as primary tech structures which unlock the more stadard vehicles like tanks
and better infantry and secondary tech structures are the Breeder Reactor (china) And industrial Plant (russia) which unlock the highest
and most advanced tech.

New Scout System.
We've made many gameplay tweaks but this is one of the more memorable and important changes. We've reduced the sight range
for a lot of ground units to encourage the use of Scout units. These units will be available from your Command Center for
minimal cost, each of them have their own unique features and will aid your advancements on the field. Use these scouts to
spot for your artillery and venture into unknown territory without risking more costly forces.

New Anti-Aircraft Tier System.
We've also changed a big deal on how aircraft should work in Rise of the Reds 1.0 SWR Edition. In this mod Jet Aircraft will
have better survivability due to this change. Allow us to explain:

Tier 1:
AA Infantry, Low Tier AA vehicle (Tunguska, Gattling Tank & Avenger). These units will be more effective against Helicopters
and Helicopter Gunships. They are able to hit Fighters and Jets but are not as effective.

Tier 2:
Heavy Anti-Air Vehicles. We've included new Anti Air units, these units are bigger and are able to take down aircraft quicker
than Tier 1 units can. Units of this caliber are the Grumble, Chapparal and Twin-Fang Flak Crawler. These units are meant to
take down Fighters and Bombers with ease, can take down helicopters but are not as effective due to the ammunition limits
these units carry. Each of these units have a limited amount of salvos, after each salvo is shot, the unit must spend time reloading.
With this a smart player would spam helicopters and send them towards your unit where it would not be able to take them out
effectively. They can however annihilate Fighters and Jets with one or two shots, they also have incredible splash damage.

Finally Tier 3:
Self explanatory, Fighter Jets that can engage other aircraft are your best counter against these units.

This sums up the new Anti-Aircraft Tier system. This will allow for more interesting gameplay from what you knew from Zero
Hour, making aircraft deadlier and helicopters a vital role in strategy.

New Maps: We have added a plentiful amount of maps to ROTR themed around the storyline. We will add more maps as patches will
become available shortly after the release. Stay tuned for more information.

We've included new AI for every faction in Rise of the Reds, the Russians included, so you can fight it out against the computer with a new challenging
level of difficulty. The new Hard Mode has been overhauled and will be a new threat to you with the new units and strategies added to the game.
Players expecting a quick fight against the hard AI are in for a nasty surprise!

This sums up this version of ROTR 1.5. We hope you will enjoy it as we have and stay tuned for more information
on the next version as we continue to develop it!

Thanks again and stay safe!

~SWR Team


**SWR/ROTR Production Team**
The_Hunter - Leader, Modeler, Texture Artist, 2D Artist, Sound Designer, Coder
Comr4de - Co-Leader, Modeler, Texture Artist, 2D Artist, Concept Artist, Mapper
AaronAsh - Co-Leader, Modeler, Texture Artist, 2D Artist, Concept Artist
Rade - Modeler, Texture Artist, AI Scripter
Mylo - Modeler, Texture Artist
Nem - Particle Coder, Mapper
Failure - Particle Coder
Overdose - Lore and Descriptions
mpsingleton - Concept Artist
Rayburn - Concept Artist
JJ - AI Scripter
Blck - Mapper
Nidmeister - Mapper
Revan - Mapper
NergiZed - Community/Public Relation Management

**SWR/ROTR Contributors, Former Staff and Beta Testers**
Mathias - Sound Designer
Freedom fighter - Modeler
ScreamingCricket - Modeler, Texture Artist
Alphaton - Modeler, Texture Artist
Chrizz - Modeler, Texture Artist
Coolfile - Modeler, Animator
Red Army - Original founder, Mod leader
Nipthecat - Mapper
Centric - Mapper
Liberator - Mod leader, Coder, AI Scripter
DDXT301 - Texture Artist
Krit - Modeler
Creator - Modeler, AI Scripter, Texture Artist
Grazor - Mod leader, Coder, Modeler, Animator
Liamh - Texture Artist, 2D Artists
Hostile - Website Coding, Web Master
Michael Mitchell - Voice Acting
Ibraham Taleb - Voice Acting
Thierry - Beta Testing, Website Coding
Alias - Beta Testing, Texture Artist
Thierry - Beta Testing, Modeler
Dauth - Beta Testing, Lore and Descriptions
NidMeister - Beta Testing, Mapper
Razven - Beta Testing
E.V.E. - Beta Testing
Stinger - Beta Testing
Vidar - Beta Testing
CommanderJB - Beta Testing, Community/Public Relation Management
Lizzie - Beta Testing
Pav3d - Beta Testing
wi-ta - Beta Testing
The Dr - Beta Testing
Waris - Beta Testing
Rayburn - Beta Testing
©onscr¡pt - Beta Testing
Dutchygamer - Beta Testing

(If I forgot to mention anybody contact us ASAP and you will be added in the list!)

And special thanks to all the other people that supported and helped this mod!
That will be all drop a line at our forums (http://forums.swr-productions.com/index.php?showforum=22) and enjoy the mod.

~SWR / ROTR Production Team

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