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C&C Retarded: Red Cocaine (1.337)
Filename: redcocaine1337.zip

Date Added:
Type / Category:
22.64 MB
Patch 1.09 or Higher
Mods > Multiplayer

Average User Rating: 9.4
Number of Votes: 46
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C&C Retarded: Red Cocaine (1.337) - File Description  

  NOTE: This file has become outdated and there's a newer / better version available.
  You can still get this file but we suggest you have a look at the NEW / UPDATED VERSION first!

The latest edition of the C&C Retarded Mod Series has been released for Red Alert 3! This new epic mod adds a Ridonkulous twist to the game play of Red Alert 3, adding new BAMF Units and Structures and making your Red Alert 3 dreams come true.

So many uncountable and awesome changes becomes one hell of an epic game of C&C. The C&C Retarded Mod Series has been known as the De facto mod for achieving the utmost fun in Command and Conquer.

  NOTE: This file has become outdated and there's a newer / better version available.
  You can still get this file but we suggest you have a look at the NEW / UPDATED VERSION first!

C&C Retarded: Red Cocaine (1.337) - Screenshots  
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C&C Retarded: Red Cocaine (1.337) - File Download Options  

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Download from Worldwide Mirror by FileFront Download C&C Retarded: Red Cocaine!

C&C Retarded: Red Cocaine (1.337) - Readme  
Readme File:
C&C Retarded: Red Cocaine (v1.337)

Created by TheGunrun (Powered by Pinoy!)

Mod for C&C Red Alert 3

May 4th 2009

This mod requires patch 1.09 or Higher

Contact Info:

Website: http://www.moddb.com/mods/cc-retarded-red-cocaine

Twitter: http://twitter.com/thegunrun

Skype: TheGunrun

EA Online: TheGunrun

Steam: djGunrun

E-Mail: TheGunrun@gmail.com

Installing the Mod:

Extract all the files from the zip onto your desktop

Run the Installinator.bat or place the "retarded1" folder into

C:Documents and Settings[[USERNAME]]My DocumentsRed Alert 3Mods

Note: You may have to create a 'Mods' Folder

Playing the Mod:
Go into Red Alert 3's Control Center and click on Game Browser.
Click on the 'Mods' tab and double click on 'C&C Retarded RC' from the list of mods.

If you are having problems finding the control center try adding '-ui' to the end of the target box for your Red Alert 3 shortcut on your desktop. This will open the control center everytime you click on it.

Playing the Mod (ON STEAM):
Right click on Red Alert 3 in your steam my games folder.

click on Properties.

Click on Set launch options...

Type in the text box "-ui".

Click OK and run the game.

Now you should see the Control Center.

Click on Game Browser.

Click on the 'Mods' tab and double click on 'C&C Retarded RC' from the list of mods.

Things you should know:

AI works.

Online Play works.

Lan Play works.

All Co-op Campaigns has been play tested and is completely possible to beat at the highest difficulty.

It is recommended that you patch Red Alert 3 before playing.

This mod requires Version 1.09 or higher.

Change List
Basic Changes:

All refinereys, even away from an ore node, will give the player $500 every 12 seconds.

Many Units have been modified to allow targeting of aircraft.

Many Units have been enlarged.

Many Units do more realistic damage.

Many Units are faster.

Many Unit abilities have been altered.

Many Prices have been altered.

At the start of any game, the player will have three crates; a GLOBAL Health Crate, a GLOBAL Veterency Crate, and a Clone Crate.

GLOBAL Health Crates repair/heal all structures, infantry, vehicles, and aircraft.

GLOBAL Veterency Crates give all of your units +1 Veterency when used.

Clone Crates create a clone of whatever unit activated it. Note: A cloned unit cannot use its special ability.

Allied Faction starts off with one Allied Construction Yard and an accompanying Allied MCV.

Chronosphere, Iron Curtain, and Nano Swarm are all free and able to be built at the start of a game.

All Power Plants give double power.

Basic Anti Infantry Infantry can do more damage and swim.

All Commandos have three times the health.

All wall segments can be build further out and take less time.

BAMF Units/Structures:

Catalyst Harbinger -
Gigantic Harbinger Gunship
Able to Convert Enemy Vehicles into Friendly Assault Destroyers
Can Attack Aircraft
Can be produced at an Allied Airfield
Requires Tech Level 3
Talent is Conversion

Shogun Battlestar-
Gigantic Shogun Battleship with Flight Capabilities
Launches Fighter Mecha-Tengu as Escort
Can be produced at Empire Naval Yard
Can Attack Aircraft
Faster on Water
Requires the new Fortress Power Core and Tech Level 3
Talent is Keeping the Pressure On

Gunther, Lord of the Smackdown -
Gigantic Apocalypse Tank
Fires Catastrophe Shells - Damage can be described as being equivalent to the Allied Time Bomb
Can Attack Air
Moves extremely slow
Secondary Grapple allows for faster movement
Requires Battle Lab
Can be produced at Soviet War factory
Talent is massive damage

Allied Titan -
Gigantic Floating Aircraft Carrier
Accompanied by a squadren of Apollo Fighters
Can be produced at Allied Naval Yard
Requires Tech Level 3
Talent is absorbing damage

Super Oni -
Emperor Yoshiro Mech
Uses both Eye Beams and Energy Missiles
Requires Tech Level 3
Can Attack Air and Ground
Can Walk through water
Talent is Aircraft Destruction

Gundamn -
Gigantic King Oni
Eye Beams are
Can Attack Air and Ground
Can Walk through water
Talent is Being Big

Shogun Executioner -
You should already know what this is.
Can be built from the start
Can be produced at Empire Warfactory
Costs too much to be reasonable
Takes to much time to be made
Talent is being relatively unobtainable.


Asura Tower (Structure) -
Aircraft Control Tower
Launches Large Amounts of Autonomous Aircraft to work as Defense
Defends both air and ground
Requires Tech Level 3
Constructed at Allied Construction Yard
Talent is shear numbers

Gravity Inversion Tower (Structure) -
Gravity Manipulator
Sends the following into space when too close: Infantry, Vehicles, Projectiles, Aircraft, and Powerplants
Requires Battle Lab
Constructed at Soviet Construction Yard
Talent is perfect base defense

Fortress Power Core (Structure) -
Floating Fortress Power Structure
Produces over 9000 in power
Allows construction of Tri-Cannons
Comes with two complimentary Tri-Cannons
Destruction will lead to catastrophic explosion
Constructed at Emprie Construction Yard
Talent is shear power

Wave Force Tri-Cannon (Structure) -
Float Fortress Main Gun
Long Range Triple Beam Cannon
Can Attack Aircraft
Constructed at Empire Construction Yard
Requires Fortress Power Core
Talent is shear range

Notable Special Power Changes:

Ballon Bomb -
Double Damage and Double the Number of Bombs

Iron Curtain & Chronosphere -
Larger Radius

Chronoswap -
Now works on enemy units

Cryo Beams -
Lasts Longer

Time Bombs -
Does more damage

Desolator Air Strikes -
More Planes

Kamikaze Planes -
Bigger Planes

Orbital Drop -
Drops more

Magnetic Stalight -
Moves faster

Chrono Rift -

Notable Unit Changes:

Tankbuster -
Attacks Aircraft

Spy -
Can now disguise as structures
Larger Radius of Effect for Bribe

Twinblade -
Picks up more stuff
Units can now fire from it
Example: Dreadnoughts can be picked up by Twinblades and fire from it

V4 and Dreadnoughts -
Fires at Air

"EMP" Ninja -
Throws EMP Shurikens

Bullfrog -
Starts with 5 Conscripts

Yuriko -
Special Ability can now cause damage to vehicles and structures

Allied MCV -
Faster and comes with repair drones

Soviet MCV -
Faster only on land

Tesla Troopers -
Don't suck anymore

Empire MCV -

Riptides -
Starts with 5 Peace Keepers

Sudden Transports -
Starts with 3 Tank Busters

Natasha -
Can build more than one at a time

Narritive Justifications:

Sometimes you might notice shrunken units not unshrinking corrently, this is due to global warming. Remember to recycle kids! There should be a comma in that last sentense, put it wherever you what ;)

Constripts have use magical moltove coctails which allow them to walk on water.

The peace keepers use future tech anti gravity shiels which only work above the sea.

Japanese warriors use nano swords which allow them to traverse the oceans.

Shogun Battlestars when they return to sea have inertia dampeners, that's why they don't receive damage then they hit the water at all full. This is also why there are no giant waves either. This technology is also used in MCV deployment.

Dreadnought missle explosions chemically create H2O when they explode due to the advanced missile density required to launch at that altitude.

Shogun Battlestars use FTW drives which allow it to traverse both air and sea.

The spy now uses new future tech technology such as the advanced butter knife which allows it to morph into structures.

The reason why you can't repair the Fortress Power Core normally is due to the circle of life. FYI you can always just use an engineer or a GLOBAL Health Crate.

Alpha Testers/Balance Testers:

Blade Harbinger

C&C Retarded: Red Cocaine (1.337) - User Comments  
The following comments are owned by the user that posted them. Command & Conquer Files is not responsible for their content.

Total comments: 13 | Last comment: 11-25-2014 at 15:03

 #1 - Sounds like a crazy **** mod - 05-04-2009 at 12:17
Joined: July 4th, 2005
Posts: 37
I will try it out. big grin

 #2 - Holy *****! - 05-05-2009 at 03:52
From: (Nurmes)
Joined: January 21st, 2007
Posts: 314
Maybe this gives me reason to buy (Ugh) Red Alert 3 and its expansion(s)..

 #3 - 05-05-2009 at 07:03
Joined: April 25th, 2008
Posts: 83
wow a new one

 #4 - 05-05-2009 at 07:10
From: (Nyborg - Fyn)
Joined: February 2nd, 2008
Posts: 91
well... now I only have to reinstall the game again, Uninstalled it because of space issues and Uprising was standalone. Now I have an extern harddisk so bring it on big grin

 #5 - 05-05-2009 at 16:17
Joined: March 28th, 2008
Posts: 223
LOL, "Produces over 9000 in power"

 #6 - 05-06-2009 at 00:51
Joined: November 2nd, 2005
Posts: 683
ROFL, when you diguise a spy as an IFV Turret, it puts every conceivable turret on the IFV at once. Looks crazy awesome.

I just wish everything weren't so prohibitively expensive. It was fun using the clone crate on a Shogun Executioner though.

 #7 - 05-07-2009 at 11:05
Joined: November 2nd, 2005
Posts: 683
It seems that the Soviets got relatively shafted in this mod. They get the Tesla Tank, Gunther, the Gravity Tower, and the abiility to (really) garrison Twinblades. The Allies fare a little better with the awe-inspiring Catalyst Harbinger, and the Empire gets 4 hero vehicles.

 #8 - 05-07-2009 at 11:19
From: (It cant be found on any map)
Joined: October 30th, 2004
Posts: 468
This is so retarded....<3

 #9 - 05-08-2009 at 08:49
Joined: January 26th, 2008
Posts: 52
Lol i love overpowered units.

 #10 - 05-08-2009 at 23:29
From: (Queensland)
Joined: December 6th, 2006
Posts: 55
OVER 9000 POWER!!!!!!!!

 #11 - 05-10-2009 at 12:44
From: (Syd-Jylland)
Joined: January 6th, 2003
Posts: 790
Hey gunny... Great mod... Thoug if you can:

Ask the Gravity Tower to stop sucking up buildings under construction please, or if you can, make it leave own structures and units alone... it is defence... not a cash sucker smile

 #12 - hmmm - 05-15-2009 at 08:37
Joined: March 27th, 2007
Posts: 5
Great mod. Funny as it is it really does fit into the wacky red alert ways. big grin Shogun battlestar FTW/ stick out tongue
Maybe could add a suprise role from a tiberium wars model or two. stick out tongue

 #13 - http://www.argusbuurtplatform.nl/burgessarashpreet.asp?lacoste-c-10.html - 11-25-2014 at 15:03
From: (tokia)
Joined: August 13th, 2006
Posts: 20
Ya.benar. Nanti kalau cursing lebih - lebih berdosa.Jemput terus keluar ke stage dan cuba mencari aku di tengah khalayak ramai. Dan tanpa sedar," hish!Yasmin tertidur keletihan selepas puas bergurau. Bukankah zuriat itu rezeki, memang best ni." arah Madam Chua. Tolonglah Danny.

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