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C&C Retarded (v1.4)
Filename: cnc_retarded_v1.4.zip

Date Added:
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1.29 MB
Patch 1.7
Mods > Multiplayer

Average User Rating: 8.3
Number of Votes: 8
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C&C Retarded (v1.4) - File Description  

  NOTE: This file has become outdated and there's a newer / better version available.
  You can still get this file but we suggest you have a look at the NEW / UPDATED VERSION first!

Lot's of changes to the game all aimed at making gameplay fun. For instance, GDI Harvesters can acquire the rail gun upgrade, Mammoths are twice as strong, all Nod hub defenses have five defenses per hub. Juggernauts deal twice as much damage. Obelisks and Zone Troopers can fire at aircraft now. Avatars are now more powerful. They can also fire while moving and at aircraft. The Temple of Nod now comes with five complimentary obelisks of light. Walls have been added. Tripods can now attack air units. The Nod Nuke's damage radius has been multiplied by three (BOOM!). Just a few examples of the many radical changes in this mod. Works for both the standard and Kane editions. Must have the latest C&C3 patch for the mod to work.

- Lion (CNCDen.com)

For a Complete List of the changes this mod makes to the game:

You might have to create the 'mods' folder.
If you are using a no-cd/dvd patch make sure it's designed for 1.07

- TheGunrun (CNCRetarded.com)

  NOTE: This file has become outdated and there's a newer / better version available.
  You can still get this file but we suggest you have a look at the NEW / UPDATED VERSION first!

C&C Retarded (v1.4) - Screenshots  
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C&C Retarded (v1.4) - File Download Options  

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Download from Worldwide Mirror by FileFront Download C&C Retarded!

C&C Retarded (v1.4) - Readme  
Readme File:
C&C Retarded (v1.4)

Created Entirely by TheGunrun.


Powered by Pinoy!

-This mod is intended for use for C&C Tiberium Wars-

Tested using latest version of C&C Tiberium Wars | Kane Edition

(v1.08) without problems.

Long Live Westwood
Forever..Long Live C&C!

Copyright September 8, 2007:

E-Mail me @ ustig_1@yahoo.com

C&C3: Tiberium Wars (Kane Edition works too) | patch v1.07 or higher

Extract the retarded1 folder from the .zip file into your "My Documents\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\mods" directory.

This is the directory for me: "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\mods"

Note: The "mods" directory might have to be created.

How to play:
Go into your C&C3's Control Center and click on Game Browser.
Click on the 'Mods' tab and double click on 'C&C Retarded' from the list of mods.

Delete the Files you extracted.


Yes, the mod is balanced.

The mod is much more fun human vs human, rather than human vs AI.

It works on Kane Edition.

You can do multiplayer if all players have this version of the mod installed.

To get to the control center: (on Windows XP)
Start > All Programs > Electronic Arts > Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars > Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars Control Center

I am still working on the mod. Don't expect any of my releases to be my last any time soon.

If you think I should change something, contact me via msn, email or comment on my site.

Changes/Features 1.4:

Scrin's anti air base defense now fires continuously.

Beam Cannons fire at faster rate than before.

Unholy Alliance faction has been added, all three sides all at once. (No AI compatiblity)

Jobbers now instant kill infantry.

Some Nod Nuke and GDI Liquid Tiberium Bomb changes to fix balance.

Every Faction now comes with starting units.

Rifle Soldier Squad
Preditor Tank

Militant Squad
Stealth Tank
Scorpian Tank

Gun Walker
Seeker Tank

Changes/Features 1.337:

Liquid Tiberium Bomb tweaked to be better. Fixed the past issues too.

Tiberium Recycling System:
All Factions will be able to recycle unneeded tiberium and place it back onto any field
for their allies to harvest. These recycled packages will come in the form of 500, 1000,
5000 and 10000 value crystal formations. Each package will cost 10% more than you will
get from re-harvesting them. (e.g. a crystal formation that will yield 500 when
harvested will cost 550 to place, a 1000 will cost 1100 to place, etc) These
recycled crystals formations will be buildable under the support structures

You now see the mod logo before the main menu.

APCs can now travel under water.

Mammoth tanks are now faster and take less time to construct.

GDI snipers always one shot kill now.

Zone troopers train much faster now.

The GDI AA gun turrets have had their damage doubled.

The reload time on guardian cannons are now faster and more powerful.

The nuclear missile has been made even stronger and causes some map wide damage.
Changes/Features 1.001:

Liquid Tiberium Bomb now destroys all tiberium on map. Plus More.

Fixed "datamod_L_L.mainfest" issue that caused some people to not be able to play the mod.

Seed Tiberium is back and Seed Avatars is now gone.

GDI APC can now hold 2 different infantry squads.

Rift has been enlarged.

EA Logo has been disabled.

Lightning Spikes now come with an Ion Storm and only take a minute to reload.


All Refineries will give you $500 every 12 seconds.

Cranes can now construct all base defense structures.

Cranes can now construct cranes.

Cranes give you as much build space as the Mini MCVs.

GDI harvesters can now acquire the railgun upgrade.

Scrin Harvesters move twice as fast.

Scrin Growth Accelerators now multiply tib growth by 2.5

Nod Harvesters no longer unstealth while docking at its refinery.

Mini MCVs deploy in half the normal time.

All Nod hub defenses have 5 defenses per hub.

Orcas now are like venoms. They no longer require the airfield to re-equip and such.

The Rig now has more health and costs less.

Juggernauts deal twice as much damage.

The Venom has been renamed to the "Viper".

Vipers cause more damage than the original Venom.

Buzzers have been renamed to "Jobbers"

Jobbers can now do a nice deal of damage to vehicles and structures.

Jobbers always die with one hit.

Buzzer Hives have been renamed to Jobber Hives and how contain 14 jobbers per hive.

The Swarm has been replaced with "Jobber Spam" - 10 Units (Instead of 7)

Orcas can attack other air units now.

Shadow teams one hit kill all infantry.

Black Hands cause more damage.

New Menu Music.

Obelisks can fire at aircraft now.

Zone Troopers can now fire at aircraft.

Riflemen when using their dig-in ability now create a watchtower dig-in hybrid.

Avatars are now more powerful. They can also fire while moving and at aircraft.

Riflemen when using their dig-in ability now create a watchtower dig-in hybrid.

Engineers are now twice as hard to kill and run 1.3 times faster.

Nod and GDI Engineers now come with 3 repair drones.

There are two new colors, Burgundy and Winter.

The Temple of Nod now comes with 5 complimentary obelisks of light.

The Temple of Nod's health has been multiplied by 2.

Nod Nuke Takes 10 minutes to ready up.

The Nod Nuke's damage radius has been multiplyed by 3.

The Rift now lasts 30 seconds.

Tripods can now attack air units.

Seed Tiberium has been replaced with Seed Avatars.

Seed Avatars deploys 3 new kinds of Avatars (MK2) that have a beam that can turn any vehicle into an avatar mk1.

The Nod Operations Center and GDI Command Post now act as the radar building when a construction yard is not present.

Grenaders now cost 200 and take 3 seconds to build.

Beam Cannons now cost 700 and take 4 seconds to build.

Fanatics now cost 200 and take 3 seconds to build.

Walls have been added.

All of Scrin's Hover units can now move over water.

Scrin MCVs now flys much higher.

All Scrin vehicles can now scale cliffs.

Mammoth Tanks are stronger.

Disruption Tower is now stealthed.

The Liquid Tiberium Bomb has been added as a GDI weapon at the Space Command Uplink Building.

Contact me:





"News, Reviews, & Interviews
Raw & Uncut... the way you want it..."

C&C Retarded (v1.4) - User Comments  
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 Expand#2 - Posted by: paddy_f (Member) - 09-08-2007 at 01:27

 Expand#3 - Posted by: dennis_the_menace (Member) - 09-08-2007 at 03:18

 Expand#4 - Posted by: gamechaser002 (Member) - 09-08-2007 at 03:39

 Expand#5 - Posted by: Bomb_Man24 (Member) - 09-08-2007 at 05:34

 Expand#6 - Posted by: tigerwrath (Member) - 09-08-2007 at 05:51

 Expand#7 - Posted by: White_hell (Member) - 09-08-2007 at 06:18

 Expand#8 - Posted by: Ed_Lihead1 (Member) - 09-08-2007 at 08:32

 Expand#9 - My Review - Posted by: White_hell (Member) - 09-08-2007 at 09:01

 Expand#10 - nice - Posted by: Ubermeh (Member) - 09-08-2007 at 09:16

 Expand#11 - Posted by: gamechaser002 (Member) - 09-08-2007 at 09:58

 Expand#12 - Posted by: anazonda (Member) - 09-08-2007 at 12:48

 Expand#13 - Posted by: simon1812 (Member) - 09-08-2007 at 17:29

 Expand#14 - Posted by: tigerwrath (Member) - 09-08-2007 at 19:05

 Expand#15 - Posted by: TheGunRun (Member) - 09-08-2007 at 19:31

 Expand#16 - Posted by: tigerwrath (Member) - 09-08-2007 at 19:45

 Expand#17 - Avatar MK2? - Posted by: Darth_Snoop (Member) - 09-09-2007 at 06:31

 Expand#18 - #17 - Posted by: White_hell (Member) - 09-09-2007 at 07:54

 Expand#19 - help plz - Posted by: Ubermeh (Member) - 09-09-2007 at 10:42

 Expand#20 - #19 - Posted by: White_hell (Member) - 09-09-2007 at 13:19

 Expand#21 - thank you - Posted by: Ubermeh (Member) - 09-10-2007 at 07:25

 Expand#22 - Posted by: Lenneth_Valkyrie (Member) - 09-10-2007 at 09:52

 Expand#23 - Posted by: Tsylord (Member) - 09-13-2007 at 14:07

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 Expand#25 - Posted by: AlciaIvran (Member) - 09-15-2007 at 17:42

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